Episode 10 - Suraj aka Nagesh Voted Out

Episode 10 - 7th May 2011 Suraj aka Nagesh Voted Out By Ex-Roadie Nihal


  1. I felt good about roadies until last episode.Now i realize that it takes to be a male stripper or a gigolo to become a roadie.When the roadies were asked to go nude for a picture (nude).I think rannvijay and raghu's father must have participated in the task as well.I believe suraj did the right thing of not participating in the task.This task by the roadies try to depict that men should not have any self respect and women should.Terrible shit.

  2. Is Raghu running out of ammunition and ideas for coming up with cool, exciting tasks for Roadies??!! Not a single task was thrilling in this season's roadies. So much so, I think the splitsvilla tasks way outshine what roadies brought to the table this season. But this last 'get nude' task was plain idiotic. I don't see the heorism in it, It doesn't use strength or resilience or stamina or brainpower or any method of intelligence. Plain foul. Disappointed.

  3. The person who has self respect and who confidently opposed getting nude in public was thrown out, this is an example of weak and cheap roadies in this episode. Why didn't Raghu and Ranvijay tried this in public if they see this task of courage???

    Suraj has fake story, what's wrong in that? its just a reality show and not a competitive exam where you need to have white background.

    People who became nude in public (loosing their self respect) were accepted as smart and courageous guys. This is not acceptable and it shows how bad the popularity of roadies is becoming (due to world cup and IPL). Just to increase the TRP such cheap and vulgar stunts have been accepted.

  4. such a idiotic task it was..

    ab kya agale season mein ye doh takale sex karane ya gand marawane ke task karenge...
    aur under the name of REAL ROADIE it will be done to achieve the CHEAP PUBLICITY.. what the hell??

  5. The tasks should be such that both girls and boys should participate
    They should test intelligence, courage and strength
    What kind of a task was this?
    Also for half the tasks, the girls had to just sit and do nothing
    Highly disappointed
    Also I think they are trying to promote Mohit

  6. har ek task mai run vijay ya raghu pahle karta ha but is task mai gand fat gaya q celebrity ka izat ho ta ha am insan ka nhe.

  7. Shame on MTV roadies 8. Complete nude in front of audience. What an outraging? Girls are getting fun thinking that they do not have to do such cheap thing to win roadies. MTV roadies is a perfect example of double standard of gender. What makes roadies authority to restrain female contestant from doing nude art task? Absolutely shame. Women want absolute equality. Why don't you roam around topless in road? Girls always say they can do anything like men. If it is so why didn't they perform in nude art task? I hope next time female contestants will not want equality.