Episode 4 - 26 March Dev Voted Out

Episode 4 - 26th March 2011 Dev Singh Voted Out

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  1. dear raghu and rajiv,

    heartiest congratulations for having achieved phenomenoal success with mtv roadies.

    kindly note that there is a fine line between success and stupidity. it is quite evident to people now, that roadie is entirely scripted.(well it always was), but the difference is that you had better actors in the past who could carry out the scheme well....unlike the last few times.

    you come out as nothing but nymphodoric morons when you act the way you do on the show. your acts are completely unjustified and a desperate cry for attention and trp's....funny cause thats exactly what you clames your contestants come for. DO NOT PREACH WHAT YOU DONT PRACTISE.
    As it is your show,you are free to choose to act the way you want to, but do not expect to get yourself acclaimed or have any form of misconception in your head whatsoever.

    I have so much to tell you, but i know for a fact that because of the bloated ego in your small little head, anything is hard to get through. if you really want to know my opinion, call me on 9029165500 and i shall give you a piece of my mind.