Raghu Rajiv With Katrina's Sheila Ki Jawaani

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  1. raghuuu and rajiiiiv both stupid fellows. Raanveer real roadie and decent human. Actually u all should kno that in real life both of these twin bros are f*****g sh***. they dont have any practical quality to be called as roadies and in real life they are fu***** losers, so, now under the cover of studio and cameras they use to show themselves as tough and gundas tht is y they use to insult highly educated, smart and courageous guys. Also they dont get intrest of any girls in real life bcoz they they are F*****g zero, tht is y they use to show sympathy towards girls and get intrest and attention towards them...Real man and roadie is Raanveer who is clear in his thinkings and is his respect towards girls is real. I challenge both of these takloo guys to come on road as a common man and then show ur power and gaali nikal ke dikhav maa behen ki jo tum participants ko dete ho show mei, cmon on road without cameras and security and then face one of the rejected participants in both discussions and physically...then u will know who the real roadie is ....otherwise go to ur mamma and sleep in her lap or take some bangles and wear them in ur hands and join some chakka party atleast u will earn some way tht is legal and without dokhebaazi...tht is my challenge toboth of u losers.