Gaurav Voted Out, Mannat In...

Episode 2 - 3rd January 2010 started with Immunity Task between Vikas & Priyanka Roy and Ameya & Charlie. The task was very interesting and dangerous, the task was contestant had to collect crabs and threw in a basket. Ameya was first one for this task, crabs cut his hands but no point for Ameya in this task.
Then Vikas's turn, before starting task he was damn sure for his good performance, but as always he was good for nothing. He hardly touch any crab. His performance was PATHETIC for MTV Roadies 7.
Afterwards, Charlie's turn, she did nothing like Vikas, but she screamed with all her energy. Again no points earned. Then, Priyanka came, and she rocks, Priyanka was unable to collect a single crab, but she tried like a rock star. She dominated in task.

And now its the time for first VOTE OUT of MTV Roadies 7. Anwar, Charlie and Vikas were on hit list of vote out. But when it comes to results then nobody expects the result. Anyways, GAURAV GILL voted out with 8 votes.

BUT, Mannat Mundi is back in place of Nisha Rana, and will join Green Mamba team.

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