Something About Ride With Rannvijay

How does it really feel when the awaiting curious moments to observe some back to back stroke, which is quite synchronous to what we have been obsessed with for the past 1,2,4 or 6 years come in front of us? And how about it when those all curious moments get their share of glory, when those gaps are filled by wide-eyes-and-mouth-open edge of the seats moments, when those waits are packed in 1.45 hours of a single episode and everything falls in it’s place?

Well, everyone NOW can proudly shout out.. Roa7ies journey has commenced.
..and how!

The episode very well linked with the admirer’s choice. It was a perfect blend of action, accomplishment, battle, bitching, vivacity, shocks and triumph. The very first comment made by Ameya even before any substantial thing was shown was a smart pick by the editors and that rouse the level of the drive of watching there itself. The three tasks were very well picked and modified. Bringing oldies to the location didn’t do much good. There was not a single valuable input from either of the three. Dividing the riders into teams meant the start of bitching, mera-team-mate-is-dumb comments to be in particular. Every team bitched, even the winners.

Speaking of bitching, when ever she saw a moment, Nisha pounced at it in a flash. Palak stands no where in front of her. This girl is no nonsense tolerant dissimilar to Palak. I ROFLED when I heard Mera- yaha-dil-nahi-lag-raha comment from the lady, muh toh tera bahut lag raha tha. She’s going to give the Roaming Romeos some tough time.

Unlike last year, the selection of single person task next, that decided which person was leaving, saved the crew from hearing that XYZ contestant was sent without even being tested. Clear do or die situation aroused for the Team-2 and two of them (Priyanka and Rahul) were sent home empty handed.

The next task was brutal with brains numbing, thighs giving an answer back and mental stamina staggering. Mohit stood up to top it and proved Cyrus S.’s comment (Yeh 1.30 baje esa hain toh subah kesa hoga) to be true. F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N with 100% accuracy is a commendable job.

There is a lot more to come in the next episode with the tasks of Roadies HDU coming up. I see some heated discussions coming back in the community as the last year’s Roadies performance would be compared, as that plot will blurredly be in mind of the people here. So, there is going to be an obvious comparison between the contestants of two seasons.

Some out of the box points—
->Did anyone notice the brisk Lady walk of Eric?

->What bright coloured helmets! Bright yellow?! Naya fashion?

->Charlie’s reaction to each and every comment made by Vikas.

->I thought that there would be an added advantage to Mohit and Eric as they both have known each other before and have competed a likewise competition together. But something might have gone wrong as Mohit was taking some pot shots at Eric. Is this their game plan? Will have to wait and watch out for this one.

To end, perform or perish kind of situation kept in front of the riders. Leading to some wow moments…Nisha’s fight and non-stop bakwaas acted as a topping, making the show look just right.

One doubt from next week’s sneak peek.. Was Bani shown in it?
One more… Did anyone here miss the vote outs section?
source: Rohan, MTV Official Community

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  1. Yea charlie's reactions to vikas were just too hilarious...