MTV Roadies 7.0 Is Going Tougher From Tough

Ride With Rannvijay Episode 2 13th December 2009 episode started with Rannvijay and Bani J from MTV Roadies 4. This time girls had to do task related to MTV Roadies 4. Remember, MTV Roadies 4 Task where Bani and Roopali compete for survival. This time 4 girls did this task - Meghna Mirgnani, Nisha Rana, Priyanka Roy & Shweta Bisen. Before starting the task as usual Rannvijay was describing about climbing rock task but Nisha Rana was showing her true idiotic side. She was fighting with Mohit and Yatin. Anyways task started,Meghna and Priyanka was doing task very fast while on the other hand Nisha and shweta stucked. Meghna was first one who reached the top position on rock and just after her, Priyanka reached. Nisha somehow reached the top but Shweta was stucked in middle of rock. Meghna & Priyanka came back and start searching the lock. When Nisha reached back and she started DRAMA again, but anyhow she found her lock. Just after finishing her task, Nisha started abusing Charlie Chauhan without any reason. Even she tried to hit her. But at the end SHWETA BISEN lost her task and leave MTV Roadies 7.

After first task, riders reached their next task location. Here we saw Stuti Nagpal from MTV Roadies 3. Again this task was for girls, this time Mannat Mundi, Ravneet Kaur, Ranjna Rawat, Charlie Chauhan and Bharti Nagpal need to perform. They have to drink full glass of sarso ka tel with more healthy things. They have to drink first and afterward run through the obstacle and hit the ghanta. All girls did this task and puked after task and between task. Somehow this task was completed and results time. RANJNA RAWAT lost this task. She drink only 1.5 glasses and Charlie saved herself by just half glass extra.

Riders again reached their next location for next task. Here Vinod from MTV Roadies 2 waiting for riders. Thank God, this time boys need to perform. Gaurav Gill, Rishabh Gulati, Ameya Kadam, Zaid Bin Nazir and Yatin Madhok were selected for this wrestling task. First Zaid went and when he removed his t-shirt all girls shouted after seeing his nice body. He performed very well and survived 47 seconds inside the ring. Next was Rishab, we don't know what he was doing in the akhada, was he wrestling or playing Kabbaddi with wrestlers, but he survived 12.5 seconds. Next was Ameya who played with brain, he surprised both wrestlers with his mind game, but cannot stand in front of them, his timing was 15.2 seconds. Gaurav was next one, everyone was thinking that as a boxer and having a strong body he will survive more time, but he doesn't use his brain but manage to survive for 13.1 seconds. When Yatin removed his t-shirt, we saw single haddi man but he survived 27.9 seconds. So at the end, RISHAB GULATI lost this task and now he was out from MTV Roadies 7.

Next week, 20th December 2009, we will surely know our final list for MTV Roadies 7 for Africa.

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