1st Deadly Sin Arrived In 1st Episode

MTV Roadies 7 - Episode 1 - 27th December 2009 started with 14 chosen roadies for the Journey after the Ride with Rannvijay.

Like last year's season this year also 2 teams are divided
Red Team - Mohit, Amritpal, Bharti, Meghna, Vikas, Priyanka & Zaid
Green Team - Eric, Nisha, Charlie, Ameyam, Anwar, Ravneet & Gaurav

1st Money Task of MTV Roadies 7

Dig the walls and the winning amount is Rs. 1 lac. It goes like with the help of fafda, dig the 1st gate and then with the help of khurchi dig the other and then with your hand dig the last, whichever team completed all hurdles will win the task. In this task The red team wins the Money task and they win 1 lakh rs. Then comes the new twist the winning team will get advantage but only 5 will get this advantage, and this 5 has to be chosen by the winning team itself.
So red team takes the advantage and Mohit, Amritpal, Meghna, Bharti and Zaid were selected for the same. So 5 of them were asked to go to the ship where they will get to know the advantage.

Twist and 1st Sin comes

Irfan Khan comes up with the twist and the 1st sin of the season He tells that the left out 2 members from the team has to compete with the other team and their advantage is the other 5 have to choose the other 2 members from the other team
then they return back to their respective rooms and their they find gifts for them and a scroll where they are asked to come for a party in goa.

Nisha QUIT...

Now comes one more twist and thats Nisha is leaving because she got married in court and her husband told that she should be back to his place because he is leaving to London. So finally she tells bye bye to roadies and leaves. So Nisha eliminated herself from the show.

All roadies leave to party and Charlie and Bharti were looking ultra super sexy. Party begins and Charlie was looking hot, then came Rannvijay with TWIST. Twist is the 2 members who didn't get advantage will compete with other 2 members of the other team and those who win will get immunity and this time only 2 will be immune. So it will be Charlie and Ameya from green team against Priyanka and Vikas from red team for the immunity task.

Another Rider Will Become Roadie

Since Nisha left the show, so 1 of the girl will get the chance to be in the show that was in "Ride With Rannvijay" and she will fill the place of Nisha (I hope Aratrika will be back.)

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