MTV Roadies 7 Contestant Rishabh Gulati & Mannat

The comical element came from the Rishabh-Mannat jodi that might make it to "India's weirdest potential couple" but on Roa7ies it seemed to be all going wrong. Their tagline would read something like this. He was a flirt. He had the confidence. Confidence, which idiots have. She was a go-getter. She went too far as the judges asked her to get lost. Between the two of them, they made passes, blamed each other, spoke about tasks, sucked at them, didn't know a single county in Africa and made up for some of the most unintentionally funny moments in the show. With 75 push ups between them, the logic must have been there...Somewhere.

Rishabh, a self-confessed flirt.
Judges call the girl – Mannat, with whom he was flirting and decide to interview both of them at the same time. Both of them fail miserably in performing the head stand, but they were impressive when it came to doing push ups. Both of them got badly pwned by Nikhil though.

Characteristics: Rishabh : Mauritius is in Africa. Mannat : She can do more push ups than anyone else. Both of them confident but a bit dumb.


  1. i agree with everything thats written above about the uber-dumb couple... but Mauritius IS actually in african continent.. google it. hope someone gives nikhil this piece of info for future reference..
    sure the guy didnt know that but nikhil should have..

  2. The guy was really smart and confident, at least he had the level to convince the judges however, the girl was really stupid.

    outside she might have taken first step in flirting however, she refused and playing blame game with the guy....

  3. I like Nikhil becoz of his way of talking ,smartness n have lot of knowledge about practical life

  4. the girl's hot .....n d guy sux....jus look at him .....wid open eyes...plzzzz