Roadies 7 - Can Nikhil & Cyrus Replace Raghu & Rajiv

Roadies 7 auditions are over,within some time that will aired on MTV.So,what are you expecting?
and ya you will see a change this time,the two shiny bald heads will be missing this time around in the auditions.Nikhil and cyrus are gonna takeover from them.
What do you think can they fill the place of the deadly combo Raghu and Rajiv?

In my views i don't think so,you can imagine the show without Raghu,also he was missing most of the time in RHDU but i think his absence gonna make a lot of effect on the AUDITIONS.
No one can replace him,but we have to wait and watch for the auditions to be aired so that we can see how things go this tme around.

Burt what are you expecting from them?