Roadies Finale Spoilt By "LUCK"

Though at that point of time the "Luck Factor" was confined to the selection procedure in the PI's/G.D's. I was a strong supporter of the fact that Since roadies is well known for it twists and the creators of the show Virtually Hold everything in their hand. As the show has No Rules, No Fixed plans of action and No Repeated Strategies. They always take someone by surprise. This time around, The Luck factor has overplayed. It has boiled down the competition to the battle of sexes. Mr Raghu where are you ?

I was expecting Raghu to eliminate the weak ones with His veto, since in the PI with Kiri he had mentioned "If you do not perform i will throw you out". Looks like Poulami is the exception. I mean even if she wins the show, what for .? Just Luck i suppose. Not a task performed, not an Immunity [Maybe sometimes]. What for is she in the show? Playing the underdog and reaching the top 3? The questions keep rising.

The take on palak - having known what a politician she is, i seriously think that Roadies needs a revival with ways to handle Politics. Keep it to the minimum if not Eliminate it. call it luck or Natasha's stupidity, she is not deserving for that spot. The show does not demand people who are desperate to be a roadie, then why keep a person who is desperate to win .?

The luck factor, too many twists have reduced the charm of the finale as there were much more deserving contestants in the 20.


  1. true guys the die heart fan of roadies have failed to experience the true roadies this year 2009 ,,,,,raghu man u need to get that charm n excitement back in the show ,,,,hope u wake up before the show get flop ,,,,its not only ur dream shows but youngsters love the show n expect it to be twisted n played well...get up raghu

  2. i have been a fan of roadies seen i was first introduced to it by my friend saying that it takes a gut to compete in roadies... in the starting it seemed and lot of interesting stuff introduced by the twists and turns in the episodes but now it all seems fabricated and manufactured to favor a particular contestant... its a big thumbs down to you raghu if that person wins this contest...... wake up producers before you lose out your fans to this cheap gimicccccc