Raghu : Everything Is Part Of A Plan

Sufi's vote out was a shocker ! No one saw it coming, not even the roadies. Palak had been unanimously voted out. But after a twist, she not only got to decide who went out.

My mother called me up as soon as the episode was over and gave me quite an earful about how she was disgusted by the show and by me, for letting the most "undeserving" roadie stay and making the most "deserving" roadie leave ! I wanted to tell you guys, that this might just be a part of the plan and may lead up to a mind-blowing finale, but I didn't.

I don't think I can be blamed for what happened. The roadies brought this upon themselves. The envelope that was sent to their room was a test to see it they could contain their couriosity. The envelope carried an ominous warning: "OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK". They should have let it be. But instead, they all decided to open it and face the risk. Ironically, it was Sufi's idea and Palak opposed it ! When the envelope was opened, it clearly warned them that there would be a twist at the vote out. They did not heed the warning, and went about the vote out as they would have ordinarily. Had they not gone out of their way to invoke the risk by opening the envelope in spite of being warned not to, there would have been no such twist at vote out and Palak would have left.

The journey is drawing to an end. In this Sunday's episode, the final 3 roadies will emerge. Palak wants all 3 to be girls, and will be seen plotting against Nauman, who himself wants Palak out at any cost. He's still hurting by the way she survived the previous vote out and his friend Sufi left instead.

This episode also has the last money task of the season, where Rannvijay give the roadies Rs 2,40,000 for just showing up for the task ! But then, they have to take on professional ice hockey strikers to keep the money,

The immunity task will have the roadies feeling like calves, running helter skelter while cowboys and rodeo champs hunt them down with lassos on horseback. And get ready for yet another killer twist in the vote out ! As the journey draws to an end, you can bet the game will get almost unbearably intense !

source : HT City Delhi

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