Nauman : Roadies Beats Cricket

Around seven months back, Nauman Sait from Bangalore had introduced himself on the telly as ‘Mein Nauman Sait, aur mein ek Roadie hoon.’ Little did he know then, that life would change from there on.
Today, he is in the limelight – he is rich, proud and thrilled. Says the Roadies Hell Down Under winner, an adventure reality show, “To clear the auditions, then get voted out, and then make a come back as a winner – it was a tough journey,” adding, “It feels really great. After all this is something I had dreamt about for the last one year and have finally achieved it.”

The first-time winner from his city, while Nauman may be basking in the glory, he is not letting it all go to his head. The cash prize of Rs 3,62,000 will be well spent. “My victory calls for a big treat for all my friends. Next, I would buy something classy and expensive for my parents. Some money would go to charity and the rest I’ll keep it save for myself,” he says. “The current economic situation is quite bad, so the money has to be spent and saved smartly,” he makes a point, adding, “And that’s my message to my fans!”

So besides the fan following and the fame, has the show changed Nauman as a person? “I’ve learnt to keep my cool even when the situation goes out of control. Also, it’s a wrong perception that abusive language or high temper is the only way to survive till the end. I never abused anybody on the show, one doesn’t have to be mean, but plain smart,” he says. And is this something that he learnt from last season winner, Ashutosh Kaushik? He says, “Yes, he won the show because of that, he didn’t go along bullying others. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t give it back to people who deceive you. I was voted out because I trusted people blindly, so I came back with a hit list that had Sandeep and Palak written on it.” Palak? But didn’t he choose her, over Poulami at the last stage? “Palak is far more stronger than Poulami, I wanted a tough fight. I was sure I would I win, so I thought why not play tough in the end too,” he explains with pride.

And what does he have to say about the tough taskmasters, Raghu Ram and Rajiv? “The mere mention of their names would send multiple shivers down our spine. They would come like a storm and leave us shocked.” And does he like one more than the other? “Raghu, by virtue of experience,” he says diplomatically. And while the show may be seen as one revolving around revenge, plotting and bitching, Nauman has found some real buddies here. “Tamanna and Sufi. Tamanna was my emotional support,” he says. Well, we leave it that then, just an emotional support!

Now that the ‘emotionsal atyachar’ is over, what’s on his mind, Bollywood? “I will take a bigger step and that could be anything from participating in another reality show or looking at what the world of showbiz has to offer. It’s all about talking life to the next level,” he says. And does the Indian cricket team figure in life’s plan? Nauman has played cricket from Karnataka for three years and the English Premium League (Yorkshire) for a year in the summer of 2007-08. “The quick fame, money and acknowledgment of my strengths and talents that has come to me in six-seven months of time from the show is something that cricket can’t give me even if I put in years,” he makes his point.


  1. hey....hi grt yaar .......congrtsssssssss
    u proved it

  2. No-Man you should stick to cricket, you will not survive in the showbiz

  3. No-man you should stick to cricket,,,you cannot survive the showbiz