Natasha Voted Out...Luck By Chance

Episode 13 5th April 2009, Natasha Sinha voted out by a card shuffler.

This is the second time luck has saved Palak. Even though it was a tie situation, still Natasha had to pay for it. I must say it's Luck By Chance for Palak only.


  1. i'll miss those big boooobs :(

  2. Its really good u gone at last aftr playing so much politics, u voted out the peoples surivals who were much better than u in evry task. well u voted out roop n suzana by betraying them. roop was right u r not at all inocent, u r only selfish.u hate paulomi, but she is clean never play game. well God gave u, what u did wth othr peoples. u voted thwm at turning pt, n u got out at that pt only. so im happy tit for tat