Episode 13 - 5 April Story Summary

Just like the last episode, today’s episode also left us shocked. Palak wanted all three girls to be the final 3 Roadies. Nauman knew if he wouldn’t win immunity today, he would have to leave the show.

The Roadies received a scroll with a message that if they reach their money task destination within 8 hours, they will get some ‘nice’ surprise. They did reach within 8 hours and the ‘nice surprise’ was that the Roadies’ account was credited by Rs 2,40,000 before even them having performed the money task. Now came the real surprise. Their task was to save the total money they have earned so far by playing Ice Hockey. The Ice Hockey professional was to go for the penalty shots and the Roadies were to save the goals. Each goal scored would make them lose Rs 20,000 and each Roadie was to face 3 penalty shots. Paulomi and Natasha both managed to save 1 goals each while Palak saved 2 goals and Nauman saved all 3. The total amount in the Roadies account worked out to Rs 3,62,000 after the task.

Then came the immunity task. The Roadies were to collect the Roadies flags from the field while three cowboys were to chase them and catch them with a lasso. The Roadie who collects the most flags wins the immunity. In case of two Roadies having collected the same number of flags, the immunity will be won by the Roadie who collected them in lesser time. Nauman went first and collected 7 flags. Palak and Paulomi both collected 5 flags each. Natasha was faster compared to Nauman but she got caught just few seconds before she reached the 7th flag. Nauman wins immunity.

During the vote-out, Nauman and Paulomi voted against Palak while Palak and Natasha voted against Paulomi. There is a tie and to break the tie, Rannvijay brings in some professional card shuffler, Marcus. They kept three cards with name of all three non-immune Roadies on them. Marcus was to shuffle the card and each Roadie was to pick one card after the shuffling. The vote will go against the name written in the card picked by the Roadie. Paulomi picked the card in which her own name was written. Palak picked the card in which Natasha’s name was written. Natasha picked the card in which Palak’s name was written. Now, it was all upto Nauman’s pick that will decide the fate of these 3 Roadies in the game. Nauman picked the card and Natasha’s name was written on it.

Today’s episode left me shocked, just like the last episode. Another deserving Roadie, Natasha, had to leave. She played a really good game throughout but today it seems she didn’t think properly. Luck has favoured Palak so much till now in the game and that’s the reason why she is still there. It took me a while to digest the fact that Paulomi has made it to top 3 while people like Sufi and Natasha are already out. All in all, “expect the unexpected” part is coming true every week and it was another great episode today.

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