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Nauman : Roadies Beats Cricket

Around seven months back, Nauman Sait from Bangalore had introduced himself on the telly as ‘Mein Nauman Sait, aur mein ek Roadie hoon.’ Little did he know then, that life would change from there on.
Today, he is in the limelight – he is rich, proud and thrilled. Says the Roadies Hell Down Under winner, an adventure reality show, “To clear the auditions, then get voted out, and then make a come back as a winner – it was a tough journey,” adding, “It feels really great. After all this is something I had dreamt about for the last one year and have finally achieved it.”

The first-time winner from his city, while Nauman may be basking in the glory, he is not letting it all go to his head. The cash prize of Rs 3,62,000 will be well spent. “My victory calls for a big treat for all my friends. Next, I would buy something classy and expensive for my parents. Some money would go to charity and the rest I’ll keep it save for myself,” he says. “The current economic situation is quite bad, so the money has to be spent and saved smartly,” he makes a point, adding, “And that’s my message to my fans!”

So besides the fan following and the fame, has the show changed Nauman as a person? “I’ve learnt to keep my cool even when the situation goes out of control. Also, it’s a wrong perception that abusive language or high temper is the only way to survive till the end. I never abused anybody on the show, one doesn’t have to be mean, but plain smart,” he says. And is this something that he learnt from last season winner, Ashutosh Kaushik? He says, “Yes, he won the show because of that, he didn’t go along bullying others. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t give it back to people who deceive you. I was voted out because I trusted people blindly, so I came back with a hit list that had Sandeep and Palak written on it.” Palak? But didn’t he choose her, over Poulami at the last stage? “Palak is far more stronger than Poulami, I wanted a tough fight. I was sure I would I win, so I thought why not play tough in the end too,” he explains with pride.

And what does he have to say about the tough taskmasters, Raghu Ram and Rajiv? “The mere mention of their names would send multiple shivers down our spine. They would come like a storm and leave us shocked.” And does he like one more than the other? “Raghu, by virtue of experience,” he says diplomatically. And while the show may be seen as one revolving around revenge, plotting and bitching, Nauman has found some real buddies here. “Tamanna and Sufi. Tamanna was my emotional support,” he says. Well, we leave it that then, just an emotional support!

Now that the ‘emotionsal atyachar’ is over, what’s on his mind, Bollywood? “I will take a bigger step and that could be anything from participating in another reality show or looking at what the world of showbiz has to offer. It’s all about talking life to the next level,” he says. And does the Indian cricket team figure in life’s plan? Nauman has played cricket from Karnataka for three years and the English Premium League (Yorkshire) for a year in the summer of 2007-08. “The quick fame, money and acknowledgment of my strengths and talents that has come to me in six-seven months of time from the show is something that cricket can’t give me even if I put in years,” he makes his point.

Nauman Is Roadies Top Gun

I am allergic to Palak. I cannot stand her. But I have always been a smart player. Choosing her was a smart move
Nauman on why he picked Palak over Poulomi

After a wildcard entry and beating everyone by surviving all the tough tasks thrown his way , Nauman Sait emerged as the winner of the MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell Down Under. Speaking to HT City, Nauman talks about his gameplan and what it feels to be the last man standing.

“I feel on top of the world,” he says, exhilarated.

“This was the most amazing experience I’ve had. It’s so funny everyone now wants ...

to be my friend.” Talking of friends, we ask, what went wrong with Tamanna? She accused Nauman of using her. “Tamanna and I are good friends,” he says.

“Things happen in every relationship. We were together throughout Roadies.” Everyone was stunned when Nauman chose Palak over Poulomi for one of the tasks. “Frankly I am allergic , to Palak,” says Nauman.

“Can’t stand the girl. But I have always been a smart player on Roadies. Choosing Palak was a smart move as she was a better contender than Poulomi and I wanted respect by defeating the better one. Also, defeating Palak gave me that extra kick because she was my enemy He was also called .” effeminate by some, but Nauman counters, “My niceness was taken in the wrong way just because I don’t ...

abuse like men these days.” His toughest competitors? “Sufi, Samrat and Kiri.” Now, Nauman hopes to be a reality TV star. “Any good offers and I’m game.”
source:HT City,DELHI

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Images

Raghu & Rajiv Played Game With Kiri

Dont you think guys Raghu and Rajiv played mind game with Kiri. Kiri Palak ko safe kar hi leta if Raghu and Rajiv uske sath respect wali mind game na khelte.

And they played this game because... wo jante the Palak and Kiri ka task hota to final ki waat lag jati. Kiri without any hard effort winner ho jata. So they give lecture on respect and kiri par emotional attyachaar karke Nauman ko select karva liya.
I'm not saying Nauman is not good roadie, he is my favorite but Kiri can win task easily by selecting palak aur agar yeh hota to GRAND FINALE ki excitement aur thrill wahin par khatam ho jaata.

And I'm sure ki Nauman deserve the title of MTV Roadies 6 - Hell Down Under. Nauman Rockss...



Grand Finale 2-End Of The Begining...

As another year goes by..another 'Mortal' gets crowned the ultimate Roadie.. As for the Roadies..the hell is finally over as the sun sets on yet another successful season of Roadies.

This season for me, was the best season I've seen. This season what we saw was performance matched with politics and bitching. Mr. Raghu and his followers would have less to complain this season purely because of the effort put in by the Roadies.

From Manesar to Sydney and Back. It has been one hell over ride. The tasks, the twists, the hatred, the passion, the back ground music, the beeps..everything was at it's peak as the show grew from strength to strength.

Congrats to Nauman. I think he deserves it, and deserves it more than anyone.
* Applauds galore * ....A true Champion...A deserving Roadie...

The episode kicked off..with an ass-kicking start. The setup was Filmy. For once I thought the Roadies would find Kalia sitting on the tila at the top. But as the task unfolded, they did find someone waiting for them. But, no it wasn't Kalia, it was Gabbar(Raghu & Rajiv) himself and that too with his evil twin.

Kiri simply rocked the task. I mean..literally. The task played into the hands of Kiri as all expected Kiri to do the climbing part well.

Then came the brain-storming session. Which, I feel was necessary. Please, Palak doesnt deserve a place in the Final Task. Raghu and Rajiv tinkered with Kiri's fragile mind and that's where I think they did something right for the show.

The Final Task was setup. The flag was their destiny, but they had a "Burden" on them. Torture had a new definition. And it was..this.

The atmosphere on the setup was terrific. The crew, the roadies, the producer everybody urging the Roadies on. This task wouldn't had been done with the 100%. It required something extra. It required that extra bit, which doesnt come out of you everyday. Eventually it was nip and tuck to the finish. I thought I was watching Nadal v/s Federer.
No I wasnt. It were two mortals fighting for pride like never seen before and finally Nauman emerged victorious. Kiri the Warrior gave it his all. But I think that Nauman had saved his best for the last.

So here we are, at the end of yet another Season. We witnessed hell. We witnessed a guy named Nauman walking out of it victorious. The 20 Roadies made this Season a big hit. And I thank them for putting up a hit show.

Grand Finale 2 HQ Making Video

Grand Finale 2 HQ Part 4 Video

Grand Finale 2 HQ Part 3 Video

Grand Finale 2 HQ Part 2 Video

Grand Finale 2 HQ Part 1 Video

Grand Finale 2 Episode Summary

Roadies get up and get ready.

Just before they leave for the finale, Kiri calls up his girlfriend to tell her the good news that he was in top 3.

Now came the Jumaring task! Rannvijay tells them the one to climb the mountain first will go to the finale and decide which other Roadie would join him/her by cutting off any one Roadie’s rope whom he/she don’t want to take along with the axe.

All three Roadies struggled initially to climb the mountain but then Kiri got the grip. We could hear other Roadies cheering for Kiri and someone said (I think it was Roop) something like ”Do ladkiyan niche hai!” while Kiri was leading. Kiri climbed all the way up before the other two only to find out that Raghu and Rajiv were waiting for him there. Kiri was shocked! Both baldies gave him the two situations – 1. Choose Nauman as opponent and win with respect, 2. Choose Palak and win it easily.

Kiri picked Nauman and axed Palak’s rope. Raghu and Rajiv told both the finalists that there is going to be one final task now which will test their fate, strength…everything.

Rannvijay now tells them about the final task. No involvement of other Roadies this time. The task for Roadies was to walk 20 steps with hands, legs and neck tied up with chains which were tied up with scales having all the weight behind, and then take off the Roadies flag.

The nail biting competition started. The task was VERY difficult as they had to pull all the weight on the scale with their hands, legs and neck. While both of them were moving ahead, it was really difficult to judge who would win it. Both of them were great. Inspite of getting hurt, Nauman made it.

Three cheers for Nauman – The MTV Hero Honda Roadies Hell Down Under Winner!!

Nauman proved himself and I have all the respect for him but for me, Kiri, the Fighter, the Warrior is the ultimate Roadie! If Kiri wanted, he could’ve chosen Palak and have easily won.

Kiri, you rock, bro!

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 10 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 9 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 8 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 7 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 6 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 5 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 4 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 3 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 2 Video

Episode 16-Grand Finale 2 Part 1 Video

Guess.....-....WHO M I...????


Nauman : I Don't Like Palak

Nauman Sait
Age: 21
Hails from: Bangalore

Viewers in general find the show vulgar, provocative and abusive. What do you think?

I don't endorse abusing. I've kept my dignity on the show as well.

Your most difficult task?

The finale task was the most difficult task!

Which Roadie did you like? And hate?

I liked Tamanna. She was my support system throughout the show. I don't like Palak -- I don't need to explain why! She's my enemy and a stronger contender.

You said once you used Tamanna and your statement hurt her. Does it mean you were using her to save yourself from eviction?

In the beginning, making friends with her was a good option. But during the show, I got to know her better and then the equation completely changed. We are very good friends and still in touch.

Who should win, according to you? Don't pick yourself.

Sufi, any day!

What will you do with the prize money if you win?

I'll treat my friends, keep some for them. A part will go to my family, and a part will go to charity.

Palak : I Like Bobby & Sufi

Gurmeet Kaur aka Palak
Age: 19
Hails from: Chandigarh

Viewers in general find the show vulgar, provocative and abusive. What do you think?

Roadies is about the rough and tough, it brings out the real reactions of the contestants. I am not the only person, who abuses on the show. Everyone does it.

I'm not the biggest manipulator on the show, everyone does it to survive in Roadies.

Your most difficult tasks?

Wrestling a professional, jumping into a pool full of crocodiles and the finale task.

Which Roadie did you like? And hate?

I liked Bobby because she's very genuine. Tamanna, on the other, is so fake.

Who should win, according to you? Don't pick yourself.

Sufi, even though we had a tiff and I voted him out. He's excellent when it comes to performing tasks.

What will you do with the prize money if you win?

I will give it to my family.

Kiri : Roadies Reflect The Youth Of Today

Longkiri Timung aka Kiri
Age: 25
Hails from: Assam

Viewers in general find the show vulgar, provocative and abusive. What do you think?

Roadies reflect the youth of today -- who they are, their behaviour, personalities. So it's all happening around you. People abuse at work too. Also, Roadies is a game where everyone wants to win!

I was being myself on the show. I don't think it's important to play games in Roadies. Performing tasks well is enough to survive on the show.

Your most difficult task?

The finale. Also, the wooden plank task against Sufi.

Which Roadie did you like? And hate?

I liked Poulomi since she's good at heart and never lies. I can't stand Palak.

Who should win, according to you? Don't pick yourself.

Samrat. He is very versatile. He is strong, a good fighter and has determination.

What will you do with the prize money if you win?

I will donate Rs 1 lakh towards a social cause, and start a small business with the rest.

Grand Finale 2-Rannvijay Goes Through Torture

VJ and host of Roadies Rannvijay faces pain and torture while attempting the final task of Roadies Hell Down Under.

Grand Finale 2-Raghu And Rajiv Are Back

Raghu and Rajeev play the classic good cop, bad cop game. But who the 'Hell' are they playing with?

Nauman..A Roadie Or Backstabber...You Decide ???

This for all those people who have the idea that Nauman is doing fraud work or any other crap.
First of all Nauman deserves to be in the finale, fair and square, while Palak, Paulomi & Natasha reached their by plotting, Nauman won it by SURVIVAL...and by winning IMMUNITY.

In case you've forgotten, he won immunity in almost ALL TASKS...exception crocodile task.
Immunity won in...
1)The claw task
2)Flag collection task
3)Lake task

Advantage in...
4)Hot air balloon task
What more do you need in a roadie????This should also shut up those who think he is undeserving.

Second of all....he was brave enough to choose PALAK his rival to compete with him, ya he could have chosen polo without any doubts arising but as a true roadie would he chose Palak, he wanted to compete with the best(sufi), there his ROADIE SPIRIT is seen.

As a roadie he had all right to plot and plan. I MEAN HOW DO YOU SURVIVE IF YOU DONT??? All that he said about Sandeep and Pradeep plotting and not performing is TRUE and he said it.

About Tamanna he said that he needed a friend 2 survive. That DOES NOT mean HE USED HER, he remained her friend till the end.

Did he backstab her? NO
Did he plot against her? NO
Did he vote her out when palak and samrat told him? NO
Did he bitch about her? NO

Did he save her during the 1st voteout and got himself voted out? YES
Did he stick up for her when she was depressed? YES
Did he stand by her when Palak slapped her? YES
In short he did all the things a best friend would do. In roadies if you are looking to gain respect u mite as well lose. You have to give up something in order to gain something. Nauman gave up certain things to reach the final and there he stands today. Its better him than some Sandeep, Pradeep, Bobby, Roop or someone who does NOTHING but plot. All those who shouted at him are worth nothing. They were just PLAIN JEALOUS AND ANGRY that he had reached the finals,total human behavior. Obvious,could they say anything about his performance? NO


A true fan is one who stands by his/her roadie when he/she is up and down, decide for yourselves, whether you are TRUE fans or not...

Austrailian Media Covers Roadies

Nauman And Tammana Relationship

I don't give it a damn, whether their relationship is fake or not. It has been a trend in roadies that Boy meets girl, becomes friends and then they say I love u to each other and after the show they say Bye bye Syonara.

In the 1st season of roadies Rannvijay flirted with each and every girl on the show and he emerged as winner.

on season 4th Bani and Anthony were so called lovers who stuck to each other till end and went on to emerge as winner and runners up.

on season 5 Nihal and Shambhavi were also involved and Nihal went to runners up in roadies and Shambhavi is now hosting shows on MTV.

On season 6, if the hottest guy linked with the sexiest girl , then what's wrong with that.. they both used each other , even if they both are not lovers any more , but still how does it matter??

people are just sticking to the point that Nauman and Tamana were never lovers. Who cares??? And if we call it practical thinking of Nauman , then what's wrong with it???

We watch the show because we love nauman, not because Nauman is linked to anybody or not to show-case his affairs with dozen girlfriends.

Sufi In Kasauti Zindagi Ki..WOW

Hell Down Under...Name Justified

Its Hell Down Under and under is also pronounced as andar right...

Bache tum bacche hi rahoge.. jahan tumhari soch thak har ke mar mura jaati hai .... wahan toh humara alarm clock bajta hai......

* They picked up the dung which lies UNDER a camel.

* They went ANDAR coffin.

* They went UNDER pool.

* Boys got dandas in their UNDER part.

* In finale unke body ke UNDER se i.e. unke pair ke neeche se blood nikalega

* They have to walk with matki with broken glass pieces UNDER them.

* They have to keep their crap ANDAR for a longer period of time.

* They had to go zorb ball ke ANDAR.

Natasha & Kiri...Hats Of You Both

If sufi has reached Rannvijay's height than Natasha & Kiri have surpassed Sufi

Natasha :
1.She made it to the last 4 without a single vote
2. She went out without a single vote
3. She defeated Sufi CONVINCINGLY in Claw task
4. She came close to defeat Nauman in Horse-Lasso task
5. She defeated Sufi CONVINCINGLY in balance task

Kiri :
1. Displayed better ability, fight in akhaada task against Pradeep
2. Almost defeated Sufi in ladder task, messed initially while placing ladder which cost most of time
3. Took his revenge by defeating Sufi CONVINCINGLY in balance task

Sufi is emotional atyachar, all emotional cry-baby talk gaining sympathy. He has arguably got more re-entries in Roadies than any of ekta kapoor serial actor in her serials.

Trivinial Fact : Sufi is the most over-hyped roadie in the history of roadies.

Episode 15-Grand Finale MTV Pictures

Sufi OUT From Finale Coz Of Injury

Sufi didn't performed the task and commented later while cryin' that its been 4 months that he has suffered this injury and couldn't afford operation to repair it... which was really sad to hear coz the SHOW gave the opportunity but the guy got injuried on the SHOW performing a task and now he dont have the money to afford the operation to repair it...

MTV if a contestant gets injured on the SHOW [Roadies] then they should compensate them for the surgery they will undergo in order to repair it...

Episode 15-Grand Finale Story Continues...

Sweet poetic justice! How awesome does it feel when everything falls so beautifully into place! When combustible elements erupt at the showing of ONE well-edited montage, when the intended purpose of a vote-in is met, when you pull off a task - extremely difficult to set up and near impossible to complete and at the end of it all - everything falls into place and the episode plays the perfect pre-cursor to the big finale. Tonight's episode was built around triumph - pure triumph minus manipulations and politics, and solely dependent on perseverance and dedication - holds true for both Kiri and the crew.

We had 13 Roadies return for the finale and the first 5 cuts continued to get the stepchild treatment. I really feel for Sonia, Neha, Vicky and whats their names. These five were all told at the end of their auditions - "Congratulations, you are a Roadie!" Then, they get tagged as 'undeserving' based on some logic that I still fail to comprehend. And all it took was a loss by a very narrow margin to have them completely banished of the show from that point on. Now, while bringing them as wildcards would have seemed the just thing to do - that didn't happen for some reason either (no character development maybe?) Because of which, they dont get called to the finale as well as none of the five have any conflict or agenda with any of the others. Bringing them back had no real purpose at this stage but they STILL should have - for once make the five feel that they were 'Roadies' at some point of time. Heck, they'd have even paid out of their pockets if conveyance was the issue but ah whatever!

Those who did return, did what they were brought back for. All it took was one VD appropriately edited to have everyone turn on Nauman and Palak. Everytime they do a finale and the ex-Roadies return and verbally bash the finalists, I can only scream in my head - "They played the game and they made it, you didn't so STFU!"

And when these very people throw the fake, open-ended maar-dunga-phaad-dunga-baja-dunga threats, it just looks so unbelievably retarded. You had the entire journey to prove yourselves and stand up to whoever and you didn't, you stupid ball-less cowards, you are not gonna do any different sitting on your asses! Maybe they are told to act retarded, that is the only explanation - but then again these idiots are thick-skulled nimwits, so I wonder they really need be told.

I'll not say much about Raghu's act in today's episode - it was just him being Raghu, screaming louder than everyone else to make his point. Thats what he came for, thats what he did - but the twist he brought (as later confirmed by Bumpy) was more effective in shutting up people, so as to say - those who say the show has stopped focussing on performance and more on the twists. Sufi and Natasha back in and Kiri rightly voted in by the others, all because the finale was shot after the journey episodes aired - pretty much bearing all the behind-the-back politics. No politics = Fair vote-in. Simple equation.

The task (which sounds pretty straightforward on paper) proved much more challenging than anyone expected, crew included. That heavy rig that you had to wear adding another layer of difficulty to it aside from the strobe light. Kiri and Natasha finished and Sufi made a mess of his THIRD chance. At this point, I was on the edge on my seat rooting for the humble underdog and when the announcement was made - I was so pumped, I swear! If ANYONE deserves a spot in the finale its Kiri (think back to the Roadies 5.0 auditions) and way to go, man! I would freak out if you do pull it off and win it all, warrior!

So there. Next week, we will know who the ultimate Roadie is and one final time I'll be.. To Hell and Back!

Episode 15-Grand Finale Images