Vote For Your Favourite Roadie

MTV Roadies: How to Vote for ur Favourite Roadie!!

1. Voting for Roadies shall commence from 8th March,2009 at 19:00:00 hours and shall conclude on 13th April 2009 at 08:59:59 hours or such other date as would be advertised and communicated ("Period").

2. The Winner of Roadies - Hell Down Under will be influenced by SMS voting by viewers.Voting begins from the 1st episode of the international journey.
However, votes will be counted ONLY for the Roadies who reach the Finale.Viewer votes will NOT determine which Roadies will reach the Finale or which Roadie gets eliminated in episodes prior to the Finale.
Viewer votes are solely one of the criteria among others that will be taken into consideration while choosing the Winner of Roadies - Hell Down Under.

3. The user(s) who are interested in participating in the voting can participate through the following modes:
The user(s) who is willing to participate in the voting and save their favorite jodi through SMS,should send an SMS as per the keywords given below:-

a.) Name: Paulami
Keyword: PAU

b.) Name: Natasha
Keyword: NAT

c.) Name: Samrat
Ketword: SAM

d.) Name: Tamanna
Keyword: TAM

e.) Name: Nauman
Keyword: NAU

f.) Name: Palak
Keyword: PAL

g.) Name: Sufi
Keyword: SUF

Eg. If a user wants to vote for Palak,he/she must sms PAL to 56882. Only the above 3-letter names will be considered as valid votes.

4. Only subscribers of Airtel, BPL, Idea, MTNL-Mumbai, Rainbow, Reliance, Tata, and Vodafone will be entitled to participate in the voting through SMS. Costs per SMS will be upto a maximum of Rs. 3 per SMS. Users can confirm details of the SMS costs with their respective operators.

5. The cost of the SMS shall be solely borne by the user(s). The cost of each SMS shall be charged by the respective mobile operators.


  1. nauman is a very goodand he will be the roadie.