Survival Of The Dumbest

Two roadies Devarishi and Paulomi, very different from all right from personal interviews. Their actions, statements everything sound stupid and funny and we can make out that they are dumbest of all atleast it looked that way to most of the people. Palak can be also considered in same category as we dont know why she is fighting or hitting someone ? Why crying ? Why speaking at wrong time ? Why shouting ? Though she is bit better than both but yes she is lot different from others or say normal people. Though all of them went far in the show and it was not expected.

Dev survived for long and remember he was not voted out, Palak and Paulomi are in top 5. Now the point here is acting stupid like Paulomi was flying like a bird in crocodile task, or say Devarishi's acts and statements during vote outs, or Palak fighting with Bobby without any reason after she won and many more examples like that, does it helps to survive and go far in the show ? Does acting stupid or weird saves you from having vote swing against you ? Is there a possibility that people may try to act like that in coming seasons of Roadies taking it is mantra to get selected and survive in the show ?
Share your views about it !

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  1. No, i don't thnk so..... Roadies is all abt performing task. if sme bdy is actin stupid nd den is able to survive.....itz jst a matter of luck nthng else....... from my point of it can;t be taken as a mantra..... i thnk wat all matters is jst "PERFORMANCE",,,,,,,,,,,,,