Something About Poulami, Palak And Dev

Most of us are critic of Poulami, Dev and Palak, for reasons which are absolutely frivolous. While some are insolent enough to brand Poulami a Psychopath, some are brazen enough to hurl expletives at Palak which malign her character; fortunately for Dev he is only being called a fool. Why are the three being despised in such a manner?

If it is their performance which makes you hate them, then know that most of the other contestants have not performed any better. What have Natasha, Bobby, Roop, Sandeep, Pradeep, Nauman (barring the comeback task),Varisha done worth mention ?

If you guys think they are dumb, what would you call Roop(Bobby included), who wasted an immunity, getting eliminated in the process.

Some have you have accused Palak of lacking manners, what do you have to say about the language employed by Bobby and Tamanna(with her weird accent). Why do you not hate Pradeep for raising his hands on Dev ?

Devarshi was called overconfident and vainglorious, what would you call Pradeep who boasted to Rannvijay that Nauman is not strong enough to beat him, but in the end losing to him by a whopping 28 seconds(Nauman almost completed the task in half the time Pradeep took).

The truth is, these three do not match up to your erroneous perception of how a roadie must look and act.



  2. Polommi suckzzzzzzz seriously......

  3. Poppy cock,trat,irritating,poulami looks like a spook

  4. i want paulami to win...
    bcoz she's the one who dont pretend nethn...
    she is wat she is..

  5. i love paulami...parasanjeet mohapatra