Serious Apology...

Hi Guys & Girls,

As all of you know that this blog was down from last 4 days. I'm really sorry for that. But there was A BIG REASON FOR THAT. Actually, Creators of MTV Roadies send me a copyright violation against this blog, because....

1. This blog stored personal photos of Raghu Ram & Rannvijay
2. LOTS OF stills or images stored from various forums, websites and blogs.
3. Original images from MTVINDIA.COM & IN.COM

So, I've no other option left for my blog. I was busy with Viacom18Media or MTV India for the settlement against copyright violation. Today I got clean chit from Viacom18, thats why I open this blog to all Roadies fans.

So guys & girls,

From my past mistakes, I've learned so many things. Now I know what is BEST for this blog, what is BEST for all Roadies fans and what is BEST for ME too.

From now you will never see any kind of images from MTVINDIA.COM, IN.COM, forums, websites & blogs on this blog, if somebody stored any kind of Roadies images,then its the time to delete all those images, because MTV or VIACOM18 IS WATCHING.

But that doesn't mean you will not see any Roadies images on this blog, we will see -

1. All episodes images link to MTVINDIA.COM
2. All Roadies images except captured stills, MTVINDIA.COM & IN.COM
3. No Personal Images of MTV Crew Members & Senior officers

Again I apologize for my mistakes from Viacom18 and all roadies fans and viewers of this blog.

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  1. u did very gud job so far...
    sab ka to pata nahi, i like your blog so much..

    keep it up dude...