Roadies 6.0 - 28 Feb - Lamest Episode Ever

I think that yesterday's episode was the lamest in the history of Roadies. Raghu tried his best to make it interesting but it was all in vain.

The episode started with the Wrestling task. It was interesting from the boys side and Samrat showed his smartness by kicking out Pradeep and Kiri when they were both at the edge. It was unfair, but again, everything is fair in Love, War and Roadies.

The girls' side was really boring. Firstly, Paulomi runs out of the ring thinking that her nails might get hurt, f**king coward (who made her a roadie?), then the girls went really really cheap in the task...BORING AND SHAMEFUL...

The next task was somewhat interesting as per the rules, but the foolish Roadies performed like Underdogs, especially Paulomi. It would be interesting if both Samrat and Natasha gave a cut throat competition to each other. Raghu was really embarassed as how he selected a bunch of idiot who can't even hit a target. This was the most boring part of the episode...

Then the vote-out. Again Raghu tried to make it interesting by offering monetary rewards to the Roadies...But they wanted to visit Australia...BTW Cox and Kings can take u to Australia for just 22,000 INR, So they could have gone to Australia for like 10 times if they took the reward...DUMBO

And then my personal favorite Suzanna was voted out...I HATE NATTY.

I don't know but this show was like *yawn* really *yawn* really *yawn* boring.
Maybe it was b'coz I was missing Devarshi, he made the previous shows a lot interesting and hilarious...WISH TO SEE HIM BAK IN AUSTRALIA...LOL

Frankly speaking, I am nowadays more interested in the 'Making of Roadies' than the actual episode, as they are much more interesting. I mean seriously, is this what I got by wasting 1 hour of my precious time during exams? It would have been better if I have picked up that bloody maths book and studied...

Note:These are my personal views, and obviously they will differ from many of the freakos out no offenses.