Remaining Roadies Performance Analysis

The aim of this post is to analyse the performance till date of the roadies still left in the show.

Samrat - An awful lot was expected of him, was a major let down, but he redeemed himself through the wrestling task

Natasha - Valiant attempts in several task but the jury is still out.

Tamanna - Has performed exceedingly well, only if she can dispense with her false accent and unwanted arrogance she will go a long way.

Bobby - What has she done till know(i have no idea what she is doing here, she ought to be at home watching roadies)

Pradeep - Words speak so loud that actions are few and far between

Sandeep - Has emulated Pradeep.

Kiri - The best thus far, has excelled in everything thrown at him ( Other achievements: exposed Roop the planer, stood up to Pradeep's threats and called him a Coward on his face)

Poulami - Her performance has been above par and her innocence is contagious.

If i have left anybody out please excuse me.

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