MTV Roadies 6 - Final 4 Analysis

Ok so m making it while hoping there r no more comebacks. Coz if there will be any the show will loose its flavour(Untill n unless the coming back ones r those first 5).....

Now, after yesterday's episode we have 4 roadies remaining in the show and 3 are girls and 1 boy....

Boy No. 1(or this one can be guy or maybe not hmmm whatever)

Nauman Aka No-Man

He is the only guy Roadie left in the show and no matter what, he performed whenever it mattered and was out of politics. I mean he played but never showed that he is playing.

He will Win because:-

* Tamanna ke dil ki duayen uske saath hain.

* Many girls somehow like him

* Perform good when matters

* People hate Palak and Palak hate Nauman, so viewers will have a soft corner for him.

Girl No. 1 (She may be a guy...chances hain so I don't know if I'm right or wrong)

Palak Aka Pluck Aka Pa-Lack

Ok this girl type human bull is another equally strong contender for the title this season as she can beat the hell out of anyone without using any limb of hers(uska munh hi kaafi hai) and moreover she has the ability to perform but is a selfish girl who performs only when she has to save her a$$..

She will win coz:-

* Her luck(no one can argue on that)

* Tries to give her best when immunity is guaranteed.

* Can play politics.

if she wins...will she get two karizmas ( i think the first roadie to do that)

Girl No. 2 (She can be an alien so again it can be a mistake calling her a girl)

Paulomi aka polo,polly

So she is a sweet,honest,innocent,nice n dumb roadie. She is a girl who can never be fit for being a roadie but still no one survived in a more efficient way the way she did. She is the eldest of them all and obv make up ki dukaan hai ye gadhi.

She will win coz:-

* Performed well when least expected from her

* She is a threat for no one

* Has no good friends but no enemy too

* Is expected to play her game now after being low profile and never came into contention coz she never raised her opinion against anyone in front of them.

* Black magic will help her

Girl No. 3 (no comments she is deserving)

Natasha Sinha

Ok this girl from chandigarh is one of the two to have reached the final 4 on her own basis. she played politics.. performed when she was in danger of going out and no one in the history of roadies must hve back stabbed so many people.

She will win coz:-

* She is deserving

* She is intelligent

* Performed well in last task in India, so is expected to perform well in the end.

* Plays her game but keep a low-profile and doesnt take pangas with anyone

So these are our final four contestants having equal probability of winning the thing.

Time for an exciting thing.... 2 Karizmas are still left and I feel one of them will go out before the finale. So what do you think the friend of Rannvijay is there in next episode to give it to the immune roadie in return of her/his immunity ...SOCHTE RAHO....

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  1. hi, Roadies 6.0 is d worst among d worst compared to all d prevoius seasons.its not hell down Under its pull down under.Raghu, where is hell here, in palak's mouth ?? it might be true so u people helped her stay in roadies 6.0 .Atleast we were able to see the previous seasons though there were silly twists but roadies 6.0 not worth watching!.seriously i decided not to watch roadies frm now .I dont blame the tasks but those who perform they r only voted it a Roadies with performance or roadies with pollution.The deserving Roadies are voted out n faul mouthed & pretenders are voted in