Money Tasks In Roadies 6.0

I don't know how many you have notice this but its really unusual that we are now down to last 6 Roadies and still there is no money in Roadies Bank Account.

I think these season there is not much importance is given on this aspect of show. Even in last episode i was hoping that as new journey of roadies was starting in Australia, now chances would be given to roadies to earn some money but instead they come up with immunity task.

What u guys think the reason can be .. Looks like Money is losing its importance in show as compared to previous seasons .. Even roadies looks not that eager as we saw Samrat didn't want to took 2 Lakh for giving up immunity when it was quiet sure no one going to vote out him (In Natasha case it was understandable)

If this pattern continues in coming seasons i think it would only be immunity tasks and war of survival as its appears in the eye of MTV Crew they are more interesting and keenly fighted by roadies as well.

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