Lots Of Drama In Australia

Well show started with intense pleasure and smile,and why not finally roadies were going Australia and were going to be the first Indian's to drive HERO HONDA KARIZMA on roads of Australia according to Rannvijay. But as always said never expect anything as whatever you expect will not happen on the show, so did this time. Three ex-roadies SUFI, NAUMAN AND PALAK came back for a chance to be back as a roadie. Well it was not that they could be all in all roadie, for that they had to prove themselves first and had to take a position of current roadies.For that they had to choose one roadie and had to beat him/her in respective task to cement there place as a roadie. Well thinking was done all was set until CHITS system came handy and roadies were picked according to their luck.

First was a competition between SUFI and Kiri. A ladder climbing cum pulling task. At this task Sufi went first and then was the chance for Kiri. Both performed extremely well. Kiri with bit hard luck and a slight mistake came with bit more time then Sufi and so Sufi was the winner of that task, which means Kiri out. Hats off to that guy, he really got roadies spirit and was real nice man in nature to and congratulations to Sufi for wining it.

Next task was between NAUMAN and PRADEEP and task was to be inside a giant ball full of oxygen and to move it from with in towards a destination marked with a flag. Pradeep went first in it and clearly Nauman got an advantage to see him and learn from his mistakes, and that exactly what he did. Nauman was a clear cut winner in it and congratulations to him and as Pradeep said he want to prove himself but on personnel not he was bit disappointment as he could have done much better as much he speak he could.

Then came to most intense and crucial competition between BOOBY and PALAK. Arch rivals come hand to hand in front of each other. Task was to ride and stay for as much time you can on a mechanical bull with each roadie 3 chances in there bag.

Bobby started first and it was a disappointment for her as she felt down from it very fast and soon. She made an excuse by saying its slippery due to her shorts Bermuda's. Well that not was the case with Palak as she ride and stayed on bull as real cow-boy. Even despite of efforts from Bobby both with clothes changes and her power Palak was truly an out class for this day. She beat her in the task quite comfortably by winning all the 3 rounds on bull with maximum time stayed on it. Well Bobby well played taking in account she was not 100% fit.

Well it was not over there. A real cat fight was around the corner. Both Palak and Booby got into an argument with Palak pushing back bobby from her throat and in reply Bobby kicking Palak hard. Well surely Rannvijay had to step in to step both as it was going ugly with lots of abusive words exchanged. Well finally it was bye to Bobby who really cried and felt what roadies actually meant to her.

You must be thinking okie its over now. Well they proved us wrong again as here comes Rannvijay again with a twist. There was a vote out left in which all three new roadies Sufi, Nauman and Palak getting immune as they rightly performed and had proved there selves. Well at the vote out it was clear there would be competition between Sandeep and Tammana and this time with no friends left Sandeep was the victim and going back with 5 votes against him.

Well it was that show in which roadies crew break up all the politics going around the camp and making the roadies hell more interesting. The performers were left in the game who will continue there journey in Australia. And it was end of the game for three friends all in together out of the game. We really had real time ahead with us in upcoming episodes.So stay tuned.

Well that was my review and thinking about above show.whats yours?


  1. Good write up, keep it up


  3. ranvijay is born to be a vj. uske naam mein hi vj chchupa hein.