Wow...What an Episode...

I think this episode had everything. It had action, emotion, drama, passion and spirit. Clearly, Sufi outshone and did superbly. The show kicked off with the Immunity Task in which Samrat and Team did well and we would have to say that they were lucky to win immunity. I would not like to talk much about the Paulami-Palak was cheap, disgusting and useless to say the least. Polly provoked Palak and she got it. Nauman got a chance to prove himself but he ended up loosing a friend, immunity and a bike !. HATS OFF TO SUFI for his effort. He really looked a man motivated and we could tell by his emotions that he just wanted to win at any cost which has earned respect for him from everyone.

Palak - Well she had to perform coz thats the only thing she's good at, and she did. Voteout- Tamanna didnt do anything to save herself as she knew that she could get knocked out.

I hate palak for what she said to Tamanna when she got voted out. It was DOWNRIGHT CHEAP AND UNACCEPTABLE ON NATIONAL TV. To summarize.what an episode it was. It had the true Roadie spirit in it and i know you all would have enjoyed the show ! Specially the way Paulami provoked Palak aka Bull !...I think with Tamanna out sadly we wont be seeing any romantic content in Roadies...

P.S : Tamanna said that i would like to be Naumi's gf !...


  1. Palak sucks man..!!

  2. Palak is so cheap ..u r right..wt she told to Tammy is simply disgusting

  3. Hey we lost a good contender and a good task performer i.e. Tamanna. But pls dont tell Palak is great in tasks, somehow she managed in that wrestling task but she created a big scene during that swimming task and dont think she was great either in that. I think such cheapos should be sent out for hitting others and always creating some controversy.

  4. Palak is a damn waste...
    this guy Samrat was a real roadie with great spirit.
    Natasha is a waste. i feel only Roop and Bobby were real good and when it comes to the looks they were soooo sweeeeeeetttt and cuuuuuuuuuute