For Those People Saying Coward & Backstabber

You Guys seriously need to watch the episode again. Nauman rocked in the swimming task, he was best in the task.

Swimming Task: Nauman was definitely the best among boys in this task where Sufi sucked big time.

Wrestling Task: Guys, Nauman had immunity and did not wanted to lose it. It was a LOSE-LOSE situation for him as definitely only a fool can think that he could have outplayed those two giants unless you are BIG-SHOW or GREAT-KHALI. Same goes for Natasha. They backed off to save their Immunity. Raghu should have told them, "You will also lose immunity along with bike if you backed off." In the end, it was a wise decision on his part as you have seen sufi got badly injured in the task.

On the other hand, Sufi was staring the task at different angle. It was only a WIN-WIN situation for him even if he lose the task. What he had to do was just accept the challenge & it does not matters even if you lose & lastly he was smart enough to do that. IMO, Sufi still failed to win the task but was given the benefit of trying it which I already said, "It was a WIN-WIN situation for him." Also, if you look on the girls side, all the three girls including Poulomi raised their hand for challenge as they knew it is a WIN-WIN situation for them to get both bike & immunity. This was the reason that Poulomi who once said that she hates violence also raised her hand.

Now about Tamanna Vote-out: This Mtv members had poor/bad editing done, showing Nauman as a villain/culprit. Nauman really had no options left & there was certainly no-way that he could have saved his & Tamanna's arse at a same time. Samrat,Palak,Sufi had already ganged up against Tamanna & Nauman just could not help. Nauman in the end did not voted Tamanna.


  1. Very well said.. whatever written in the above article very true and completely agree...

  2. Awesome said, So true. THUMBS UP! NICE JOB.


  4. You just translated everything I felt at that point! Perfectly worded!