Episode 9 - In & Out In Australia

It was one fantabulous episode. Seems like Sunday is bringing wonders to roadies. Somehow it feels nice to watch it on Sundays now, one factor being I am not disappointed much with Sat 7 PM as well. Do you feel any change as well now seeing RHDU Sunday 7 PM??

Coming back to the episode...

It was an awesome start. As expected Nauman, Sufi, Palak came, but they are gonna be replacing the existing Roadies??? Woo Hoo!! Not expected. Sufi up against Kiri, Nauman up against Pradeep, and Palak up against Bobby!. Kiri came as a surprise but anyway that was how it was supposed to be. The tasks were good, straight, simple and yet challenging. It was more about composition than any physical strength. In the end its performance all the way that counts. Bobby did not perform and so has to go. She never did, did she? Though Palak performed well but she has a big mouth. Bobby kicking Palak, would be remembered for long...
In the end a vote out before the journey starts in Australia was again unexpected. Sandeep finally got to be an easy target after he lost his protecting shields. And the To Be Contd... at the end and the clippings for the next episode has left a lot to expect from the next episode with Palak seeming to be involved everywhere now. But that has been the case with Roadies. It raises the expectations and then so easily it takes out the flow from a week long wait. I am hoping Sunday 7 PM does not bring the same story yet again.

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