Episode 12 Drama Continues

Awww, man - THIS felt like an episode of Roadies!! First, it unprecedently starts off with the voteout and Palak is shown to be voted out. Now, I know this is Roadies and not a Chris Nolan movie so I wasn't really expecting a multiple-layered reverse chronology episode but this lil' touch gave the episode a very fresh twist. Pretty sure a lot of you thought Palak was gone for good but I refused to believe that. Although, the entire episode had me wondering what if an episode were shown entirely in mixed chronology - meaning, we start with the post vote out drama (and say it was someone totally unexpected who went out), then we show the money task, we go back to voteout, immunity task and end with the big reveal pre-voteout politics. Now, THAT would have been a Chris Nolan movie! Anyways, nice spin on things with the flashback story-telling.

So, we do a rewind - Paulami swallows her vomit and Nauman dives out(?) of the pool and we are back to the normal way of things. The journey took the Roadies to Gold Coast and their money task which I will call the Water Explosion Task and Build A Board of English Syllables or in short WET BABES (I have an unusual skill with acronyms - guess who came up with MTV SHITS!)

Brooke, Laura and Rebecca (or BLAR, if you will) came in for the most unusual wet T-shirt contest there could be - now I really do not want to come off sounding like a pervert but all through the task I could only think of two better places where they could have written the letters. Palak's helicopter and reverse dives were funny and seeing that phoolon ka guldasta swimsuit of Natasha's for the second time was superfunny - the communication gaps were bound to happen in an indoor pool with the echoes and the Roadies managed only 37000 bucks. Oh and the six letter word was BRAISED.

And thus, WET BABES climaxed.

Then came the 'Open At Your Own Risk' and I was really hoping it would be a letter bomb when I saw Palak pick it up first. Ah well. Also, I think that curiosity would have eventually gotten the better of the Roadies and that the letter would have been opened one way or another. So, the choice of going through "hell" was never really a choice after all. Or if you will, the choice was sorta like - blow up the other boat or get blown up, one way or another

The twist that the letter eventually brought was absolutely fair - sure, now it seems unjust because the crowd favourite left and the unpopular girl stayed BUT keep in mind that both letters were drafted and sealed together (ie, if you choose to believe Rannvijay) BEFORE the immunity task happened. You cannot say it was unfair because at that point nothing was fixed about the voteout.

The immunity task next which I couldnt name better than - "Clawde lag gaye!" and sacch mein Roadies ke clawde lag gaye after that high protein shake and the high altitude swings on the rotating pendulum. Props to Natasha for going through 4 rounds of that. While, everyone else seemed either scared or too concentrated, she enjoyed the ride all four times like a kid would and had fun jab uske clawde lag rahe thhe. Props to Nauman too for holding on longer and winning immunity at a crucial time.

Then the voteout where I believe Sufi kicked his own ass by opting to write Palak's name. Palak's vote was against Paulami and when the twist happened she would have voted her out had it not been for Sufi's little slip. Had Sufi wrote anyone else's name he would have still remained and that is fact! So do not cry unfair, the guy brought it upon himself and we are left with the Top 4. All girls. Definitely, we'll have a female winner this time. Yay girls!


  1. dude....nauman's a guy...u missed out on that...n im sure that he'll win it too

  2. BRAISED is a 7 letter word not 6....

  3. i think that naouman should tie up with palak bcos next time his chances are more to eliminate


  5. this whole thing is a shit!

  6. last time ashu didnt do ny task n he won n dis time sufi was performing so hez voted out... roadies is quite unfair.. u just threw sufi out coz u wanted palak to run ur show....

  7. dis twist was totaly unfair and an idiotic idea. Stupid asses dis roadies really sucked how come palak stays n sufi doesnt. fully unfair sufi should be brought baCK.