Episode 12 - 29 March Summary

Palak, as usual like a Chameleon, changed her colours this time as well. At the start of the episode, she tried convincing Natasha and Polloumi not to vote against her. As she was going on and on, Natasha told her off and asked her to stop talking about it.

Next came the money task. There were three hot Australian babes wearing white t-shirts. They had alphabets written on their belly. The task for the Roadies was to dive into the water so that the water splashes on those models' t-shirts and the alphabets written on their belly become visible. Three Roadies were to dive into the water and the other two were to make words once those six alphabets were found.

Paulaumi was the captain this time. She decided that Natasha, Palak and Nauman would dive into the water and Sufi and herself would make the words. Palak, as usual, was being stupid during the task - diving into the water as if she was possessed by some bhootni, shouting out the alpabhets crazily, etc etc. There were some communication problems during the task between the Roadies. I wonder why they couldn't say it as "A for Alpha" or "T for Tiger". They could've earned upto Rs. 1.5 lacs but they only managed to get Rs. 37,000 only (I hope I've got the amounts right otherwise do correct me!).

Then while at the hotel, an envelope comes. On the top of the envelope, "open at your own risk" was written. After few agreements and disagreements as to open the envelope or not, they finally opened it. "You will go through hell during the vote-out" was written inside it.

Next came the immunity task. The task was to have the milkshake and then go on the "The Claw" ride, which was mind blowing. Paulaumi, Palak and Sufi only managed to go through the two rounds until they puked out everything. Then came Natasha and amazingly, she stayed on till four rounds. Last came Nauman and he performed the superbly. Natasha's score was beaten by Nauman by few seconds. He won the immunity.

Now, Palak goes to Sufi and requests him not to vote against her and does her usual drama. Sufi tells her that he will not vote against her as long as Natasha doesn’t vote against her as well. At the vote-out, everyone except Palak herself voted against her. Rannvijay asks Palak to come next to him as she was leaving. Palak has an argument with Sufi. Now comes the twist. Just because they opened the enveloped, the voted-out Roadie becomes secure and that Roadie can take out any one Roadie out of the game, except Nauman as he was immune. Palak takes Sufi out. Rannvijay says some nice words about Sufi. Sufi finally leaves.

Sufi was the most deserving Roadie and he didn’t deserve to leave like this, I feel. He proved himself again and again but hey this is Roadies, expect the unexpected. Today’s episode was simply awesome. And to all those losers who spread rumours about the winner, today’s episode is your answer.

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  1. great yar but i think sufi might come back as he is the real winner