Episode 12 - 29 March Real Drama

Wow...........just wow... no other words for the start... who could imagine the thing that there will be a flashback and tht too showing who is being voted out (MTV we knw u)

They showed Palak getting voted out and then started the whole thing.

48 hrs before vote out

Now the day started with these guy leaving for Gold Coast which is really an amazing tourist location in Australia.

Now in start we have been shown the meeting that took place between 3 girls and Palak telling everyone to kick out the boyz so tht in the last only girls will be left in the last and according to me tht was an amazing planning, obv who can thot that last 3 roadies can be girls.

Now when they reached Gold Coast they were taken to an indoor swimming pool where there next task has to take place and what a task it was.... Bikini clad girls ( nauman's n sufi's expressions were worth noticing) oh man it was great task with lots of confusion n more confusion n then even more of it and wtf they made only 9 words and won 37k.(out of 1.5 lks available)

24hr before voteout

OK and then we came to their room there they got a mobile and they talked to their parent and that part was pretty nice. And then they got an envelope with open at your own risk written on it and then again there were arguments that should we open it or not but majority won and the envelope was opened with following stuff written on it:-

"You have to face hell during vote outs" and this made even more obvious that palak is not going.

10 hrs before vote-out

They were taken to an amusement park where there was a ride,THE CLAW. on which they have to perform a task by having a really yummy(m sarcastic for those who get it) milk shake full of protein n what not.... and here Natasha gave a good fight to Nauman but eventually he won it. And Nauman was immune which actually made me happy. But the worst part of the task was ... how the hell can they show anyone vomiting.. the friend of mine sitting next to me literally vomited on me ...damn u MTV

2 hrs Before voteout

Now they were taken back to their hotel and there Palak knowing that she will be going out started convincing everyone and it was obvious she din convince anyone properly coz she was voted out as per the intro video(MTV plz notice this goof up)...


Ok so they came for voteout and were asked to tell the name of everyone who is a threat for them and here there is something of SUFI which i hated n tht was why he sometimes try to be so diplomatic jo hai bol de yaar....

And then came the vote out and unsurprisingly palak was voted out hving 4 votes against her. Then came the fight between Palak and Sufi, shit man it was really really very bad.the things Palak told Sufi and Sufi was right when he said."Tera tetuan pakad ke yahi maar dalta tujhe" and how much i prayed at that time that Palak should go out.

But now that envelope twist came n Palak was asked to kick out someone else on her expense... and unfortunately Sufi has to go out.... and which means one thing if Nauman doesnt win the immunity next time he is out. I don't know this but now i am getting feeling that Palak is being supported by the prayers she did before coming to the shows. Man how lucky can someone be, first you got weak challenger n ya before that a comeback and now this.

Now, according to me this was THE BEST thing in HDU this year it really really made me 100 times more interested in this show. And i love it when something just kick away all your expectations and produce something that is true madness in front of u. This is something like watching THE DARK KNIGHT.

The episode was amazing, but Sufi hats of to u. Man we all will miss a roadie like you.


  1. Very good report, dude..nd u'r right about the puke part.They shouldnt have showed it. My friend sitting beside me almost puked.. During the money task, my friend actually whistled at those bikini-clad girls in front of his own girl friend (ME!) Haha...That was hilarious! ;)

  2. Sufi u rock man!!!! U r a true ROADIE....



  5. Its not palak's prayers that helped her....I think the MTV folks wanted Sufi out. The reason being him being hurt, it was getting difficult for them to arrange tasks which are truly roadie like.

  6. Sufi i dont like u i hate u very much kyoki toone Samrat ko bhi dhoha diya thaa thtzzzzzzz yyyyyyyyy i hate u ........

  7. aren't their any tasks where palak is not giving gaalislike **** ***** ****

  8. whithout sufi watch the roadies is waste of time, u did good with the samrat bcz he is done the fooled work to support the palak

  9. Sufi!man u rocked da game!and my family includin me has got gr8 respect 4 u 4 wat u did in the game..da las episode was da worst episode of roadies..no sufi no roadiez 6.0

  10. You don't need human vomit/ excreta to make the viewers cringe, the scumbag that is called Palak is enough to drive away audiences. In fact Sufi was refreshing and I doubt whether I'll come back for another episode of MTV Roadies if Palak is all that it has to offer.

  11. sufi!i will miss u so so so much ...............please come back sufi.......i will pray for you......

  12. without sufi.............there is no rodie...........sufi deservers to be a rodie.....

  13. Sufi was a true roadie..... It'll b 2 boing 2 watch roadies wid all deserving 1s gone.....

  14. Will miss sufi a lot.......wtever happened wid him was unfair.......