Episode 11 - 22nd March Preview

Bet all of got the glimpse of task in the sneek preview to next episode (Episode 11 - 22nd March)....... Man I can,t wait to watch that espeacially the scene they showed with Palak reaching out to the crocodile it almost snapped on her, that was scary.......
Lets see what happens
Crocodile ke saath bhi koi twist ho sakhta hai......It could be fake? I Bet they do have some safty precautions but usually a roadie or 2 does end up injured.........
Lets see what the crocodile has in store for the roadies


  1. Sufi has won Hero Honda Roadies Hell Down Under!!!

  2. Sufi...Sufi...Yes guys...Sufi is the winner of Hero Honda Roadies Hell Down Under!

  3. i lov tamana n nauman.....dey r fantastic

  4. Where is Dev!! .I like that chutiya