Episode 11 - 22 March Story

The episode may leave us longing for more. But it was a very good one. It kicked off with a 700 Km long journey which took Roadies to their next destination. Then, the Roadies had the first money task in which Samrat performed exceedingly well and gathered more than 1 Lakh in 2 attempts. The funny part was Palak who tried to oversmart ! but in the end turned out crying and whining.

In came the Immunity Task in which the Roadies had to face their fear head on !..and i must credit them for doing so. Samrat did exceedingly well, and so did Nauman but
he was unfortunate as he lost out on Chips to get some more. The crocodile were fast. But in the end..Sufi was the CROC DOC

Vote out... Where Samrat was the person who acted so desperate to get his point threw but wasn't able to do that. Hats off to Nauman and Sufi, They have pulled off a master stroke which leaves Palak alone in this game and Polly as a soft target.

The episode was fun as usual !...But this episode will surely give us all an idea that who gets voted in the future !

Lets see what happen NEXT...

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