Episode 11 - 22 March Story Unfold

707 kilometers the Roadies traveled to reach from Broken Hill to Dubbo. Wow! You know one thing that the show has stopped caring about is the journey itself. Sure the tasks are adventurous, showing the vote-out drama is necessary but 707 km they traveled and all they showed was probably a minute or two of journey footage. I would rather have seen footage of stuff like playing to the people on the road as they go whooosh past them, stopping over at Dhabas for paraanthe er.. stopping over at diners for pancakes, taking a piss on the open road, stopping for fuel and flirting with the babe in hot pants who filled your tank.. you know - journey stuff! I'd take that over Palak's AHHHHEEOWOHWOHAAAAHRARAAAAGRAAAARAHAHAHAAAA anyday.

Rugby Task
The rugby task was FUN! The initial plan was to have both the Roadies and the Dubbo Rhino team blindfolded but the ghungroo idea seemed better to me. Why? Because otherwise we'd have Paulami's tippy-toe-tippy-toe-dodge-OHFOCKRUNNNNN--TACKLE!!

Thought that Samrat got a very clear advantage of space by going first which is why he scored the touchdown. The Dubbo Rhino team figured out where they should be standing after that and no one managed to go past the second line of defense, 2 bazillion points to Palak for crying foul to Rannvijay like a kindergarten kid- "RV uncle, RV uncle. woh cheater hai!!! Usne kuuu dhakaa diyaaa"

Crocodile Task
Following this, was the very dangerous, very Mountain Dew-y(Gala sab ka sooktha hai, g^^nd sabki phatti hai, toh aane do darr ko kyunki darr ke aage jeet hai!!)

Sufi hobbling in the water on crutches was just sad to watch but the guy pawned everyone else and won immunity. Nauman was a jackass to go mess with the croc in the last 5 seconds and to actually pin the croc down with the hand in which he was holding all of his chips. Palak was faaltu overreacting.The crocs were like >------< big, that lil' mouth comes towards you to bite - kick it out the damn pit. Paulami pawns with her quotes always! "Mud is good for the skin".

Vote Out
Then came the vote out and I could not make head or tail of what the fight was about. This is what I mentioned about the episode being disconnected, the back story to the Palak-Sufi-Sam *coughcoughorangutan* rat argument was not established prior hand and hence when Sufi said.."Tune mere ko bola ki Nauman ke pass jaake ki Natasha ne Samrat ko bola ki Tamanna ko Paulami ke against nikaalo kyunki Bobby ne Roop ko bola ki Kiri ne Pradeep ko bola ki woh Sandeep, Vicky ka dost hai or ye Samrat ne Nauman ko bola ki woh Tamanna ko bolo aur usne jaake Suzanna ko bola ki Nauman ko bolo ki Samrat ko bole ki Pradeep aur Sandeep ko bolo ki Sufi bahut bada mc hai"

Samrat got kicked and you just HAVE to watch Behind the Scenes to see him sing cum dance cum overact cum cum his pants during that song he did.

Next week: Vomit. Lots of Vomit. Light brown, light yellow vomit. And OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK envelope.

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  1. Samrat was simply a loser... Nauman wrote apt name in his vote... Some-Rat... lol