Episode 10 - 15 March Review

The episode started with the continuation to last episode and palak saying to Sandeep *******************, It doesn’t matter anyways .

1st Task
The location and idea of the first task was awesome. An advantage task initially converting into immunity task as well. Roadies were divided into 2 parts, 1 – Sufi,tamanna and palak ; 2 – Samrat.Nauman and Natasha, 00ps Pauli missing out. They had to work as relay team jump into river, take the flag and pass on to their partners tagging them. We find here Sufi is Hydrophobic so no marks for guessing, he underperformed (And people were shouting at roop), team overall collecting 4 flags. But no1 ever heard any dialogues then coz palak was shouting so loudly I am sure everyone’s TV was mute. Other team collected 6 flags but didn’t tagged each other initially (n00bs). So both teams were tied leaving the immunity for sudden death. Samrat did well even after missing out on first chance, giving his team the immunity. YAY

The roadies had to spent night at camp (Not as a different experience, but the place was deserted ^_^). Finally paloumi showed her roadies spirit hitting palak really hard(with her words ofcourse). She called her bull, man ,coward, underperformer and what not. Finally palak pushed her, kicked her and abused her >_<. But paulomi was consistent performer she was still harassing her . MAIN SACH BOLUNGI ,MAIN SACH BOLUNGI. Finally palak released she’s in Australia so she cried crocodile tears. Samrat broke in and things settled down.(WHY?).

2nd Task
Finally the task on rocky mountain. Everybody was biting their nails hoping it was a money task (7 contestants 8 lakhs rupees CAN YOU SMEEL SOME BIG BANG??????) but *sigh* after thrashing palak a bit, raghu announced the fighting task. Advantage task was to win the KARIZMA BIKES(drools) which was only for the immuned people. Out of 3 doors they were supposed to choose 1.The 3 doors had (1- 1 6.5ft professional wrestler , 2- 2 6.5ft professional wrestlers , 3 – a small child which represented karizma). So basically this was a wrestling match and roadies had to fight with the wrestlers(ofcourse of same sex). Samrat won a bike without facing them, natasha got lucky to face 1 wrestler and nauman got lucky to face 2 wrestlers. When asked to choose immunity vs karizma, both backed out and consequently lost the immunity. Palak and Sufi grabbed their chances and plunged in middle of wrestling ring, Go roadies go

Palak gave a tough fight, both literally and in abusing her(The blue coloured thing ,wackaon) and with the help of some kung-fu dances she managed not to get pinned out 5 times in 2 minutes wining the KARIZMA. Sufi, bad luck for him coz those 2 wrestlers were crafty and damn what spirit he showed! After earning a lot of respect and getting pinned out 5 seconds before 2 mins he was moved to hospital where he got a fracture in his leg (Those 2 female wrestlers were doing NURSE’s work. LMAO)

Vote out
Palak attituding nauman, nauman bitching to samrat, sufi fueling palak, samrat getting confused and time for vote out. Tammana OUT this time and her game’s over. Again a few hair-pulling, TU-TU MAIN-MAIN and episodes over. As usual to be CONTI-NUDE. The best episode so far which had everything in it.

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