The Baap Of All Twists

Just when everyone thanked God that Palak was finally out, MTV brought the baap of all the twists , Power to Palak - Sufi voted out ! Never expected this at Roadies Hell Down Under.

Well, after watching today's episode I'm not in a mood to write a review on the
episode. But I'l write a review on Palak.

I have only one word for what happened today..and that is " F**k !!! ".
That girl did it again. I mean, how can someone be so hated and yet be so lucky.

Ye toh khud shani devta ka roop prakat hua hai dharti par

Since this episode on I've given hope on Palak ever acting normal or getting eliminated. I wont be surprised if she even goes on and win it. The amount of trouble she's caused and the chaos she create's is just too much. I dont care if Roadies is meant to be fair, but it's not meant for people like this.

Today what she said to Sufi in the Voteout was downright cheap, she has gone down to the lowest and dirtiest level of herself.
Sorry Palak, but I have lost that 1% respect for you which I had in you. You dont even deserve that much.
May God do justice with your sins.
and if this is what a level at which you have to drop down to survive in Roadies, i guess i'd rather quit with hands helds high.

Who all are with me on this one ?


  1. Abe usko sorry kyun bol raha hai , saali BIG BALL BABY SMALL. Sufi ka ek chanta uski saari tamadi nikal de. Respect for him yaar, Langada ho kar bhi kya fight di.

    Par sabse sexy RANVIJAY !!

  2. I dont like it at all.. I expect the best to stay in Roadies, and Sufi is no exception. He is a go-getter, and a strong person to represent Roadies.. I hope he comes back because his vote out was unfair. Hope Raghu is reading this..

  3. hey then who will be the winner ?????

  4. sufi is true roadie and he deserves the title.
    fuck to those who made this twist.