Taking a leaf out of Episode 7

I don't know how many of You know the difference between Seeing and watching. For the sake of those, Seeing is Not Watching.

Now that was not the lesson you are suppose to take out of the episode of Saturday the 21st. It goes more beyond this. The episodes begins by putting the Roadies in a Do or Die selection. Which character within a person gets provoked.? The Brats turn to Survival and chose the path of Pounding on to the weakling. Without even realizing the Gravity of the situation, they juts Look for there SURVIVAL. Look,people Roadies is just not about watching for entertainment, but Implementing the Right ways of Living lives.


It constantly reminds us ABOUT not just thinking for Yourselves. I dont know how many of you have seen the Saw Series, in the last movie, i remember the words, DON'T do what Your INSTINCT tells you to do. I agree, and believe only ANIMALS live on Instincts and that is why we are Humans and they are animals. [The roadies were no less than those today].

The story does not End here, we have Devarshi, who was so carried away by the FACT that being sacrificing would turn him Immune today that in the SELFISHNESS he sacrificed himself and saw the "Straight Twist". Dev, my mate, every Person who loses his Axe is not rewarded with a Golden axe, Because you NEVER to chose to be Honest for GAIN. Raghu, thanks for the twist, that was a Real Lesson to us.

Now for all those pondering over the purpose of creation of this thread, then I end with what i began, Just do not see the show WATCH it, it has more than what you think. Imply It to your lives, they Might have the awaited.

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  1. Dude,
    there is no difference between human and animals.....they are the same.......infact we are all animals.....you cannot term animals to be derogative......it is going to take a lot of years for this idea to be reversed....