Raghu On Headlines Today @ 'Pub Culture' Debate

MTV Roadies producer Raghu ripping some 'culture gurus'

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  1. One point to be noted here which I felt was that Raghu should not have over reacted here. I am totally in support with the points stated by him but I guess there could have been a better way of putting things across. There is a difference in style of talking on Reality show and there is a difference in talking on a media News channel. But I must say that at the least the respect was still maintained from his end to address elderly man as 'Sir'.

    It is true that Moral Policing is no right of these bloody politicians and in a free country every one has the rights to say what he wants or do what he wants. I guess its time we all think that do we need people like our present orthodox leaders to lead the country or is this the time that we stand up and address the situation on our own.

    Reality should strike fast among us before it too late! Jagoo Re!!