MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 4 - 31 January Story Summary

There was a point in Roadies 5.0 were I was not at all excited at 7pm on a Saturday and would probably catch a repeat or something on Sundays. I don’t want that to happen again and after the crap that was episode 3, episode 4 had better have been good.

I caught the entire episode online on mtvindia jus’ a while back and let’s jus say there wasn’t any particular segment where I was very ‘into’ the show. Sure, the unpopular one got voted out but that was more or less an anti-climax. The task as such must’ve been exciting to do but not really exciting to watch. It was after all the third choice for the task as we saw in Behind the Scenes (lol @ Bumpy breaking the set xD) So there. Yes, Tamanna did outperform and Devarshi’s “Dunia mein teen tarah ke log hote hai” bit was FUNNY but the task was meh! I think its time we stop ridiculing these two - Tamanna, because she can and has performed and can also handle herself in a volatile situation (her fight with Palak in this episode) and Devarshi for jus’ having the balls to be mocked by the Roadies, the host, the crew and STILL not feel any less about himself.

Though immediate satisfaction after seeing the episode was low, the more I think about it the more I understand what the plot is this year and how the makers are implementing it episode after episode.

The plot is - F*** group dynamics! Think about it. Very first episode, the Roadies who were always a team in the previous seasons are split in two teams. Then, in the following episode - the voteout is restricted to happen in between jus’ the one team further splitting them apart. Today again was another example of this plot - Rannvijay who is usually an observer/host of the game got more involved into the politics of the game than ever before, with his “warnings” to Pradeep and Palak, and especially his urge for non-anonymity in the group shuffle vote-out, as if he wanted for there to be tension in the group. Whether this resulted in disrupting the unity of the Brats, I do not know but very well played, producers.

Early on, Raghu had mentioned that RHDU’s plot had shades of The Dark Knight. The one most clearly evident after today’s episode is - ‘creating a rift between friends’ borrowing heavily from The Joker who split the friendship of Batman and Harvey Dent by playing the Rachel card. What that translates to on Roadies? Samrat having to vote against his friend, Palak. The Brats put in a situation where they not only have to kick off a person from their group but also do it non-anonymously. Very very well played.

On the Roadies themselves - look out for Nauman - the guy is playing smart and how! Bobby lost 10 points for making Roop cry. Grrrr.. Respects to Tamanna and Dev. HA HA SUCKER to Pradeep and chin up, Suzanna - you are still my favourite.

So there. An ordinary episode but I’m happy that filth is gone and maybe now things will get back on track.

Next week: I forgot to see the sneak peek on mtvindia, so I dont know. Wakaooo!


  1. roadies is a great episode. but the pradeep singh is real roady

  2. I think Pradeep, Sandeep and Samrat are not the same stuff as some of the earlier roadies were. For e.g Anthony Yeh from Roadies 4.0 was fab at everything. Pradeep and Sandeep clearly are nothing more than bullies. They have not done anything at all till except pick up dung, which credeits them to bein a rea threat to anybody. I think Samrat should now buckle up and get ready. He looks like a guy who can go ahead but it ll just make it a lot more interesting ifone of the voted out guys was to come back. Maybe Sufi ;-)