MTV Roadies 6 - Appearance Is Deceptive

Roadies- Appearance is deceptive
Appearance is deceptive in Roadies HDU.

When I first looked at Dev, thought GOSH!! why is he selected. He wont survive even a day, Raghu just wants him as an entertainer. But, he proved it wrong, He can perform, play his cards well, indeed very well. He is sure to survive for long.

Paulomi, her selection was like "Ah!!! Raghu's thanks giving gift for making the room bright n colourfull." she cant survive, wont perform, I'm sure Raghu n Rajiv themselves dont know what is she goin to do. Everyone had a prob with her selection
She proved EVERYONE wrong, by performing the pat balancing task so marvellously. Hope she well in other task too.

Palak, a talkative girl, would be fun watching her. Man she was turned out too abusive, harsh talkative. Never thought she would be so.

Samrat- Hmm!!! this guy will perform he has brains. I havent seen any of this yet/

Bobby, hmmm she will perform well. After last episode my perspective changed

Guys, this is what I remember as of now. Put in your bits too on changes of your perspective of each Roadie.

Hope to see a lot of changes in character of their(radies) in future.


  1. well as everyone else, i did think Poulomi wont survive.But Oh My God! She is fantastic man!way ahead gal...Prove that looks doesn't matter,neither do show-offs..the one and only thing matters is self-confidence...

  2. Breaking Newa!! --- Sufi has won Roadies Hell Down Under!!!

  3. Hey Guys...Sufi has made it..he is the winner of Roadies Hell Down Under