Exclusive: Rajiv Does A Rock On... Devarshi Style

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  1. Oh i so wish that the days of Cyrus Broacha and Nikhil Chinappa would come back. Those guys were a class apart. Their english was impeccable, etiquettes well polished and confidence sky high. They were the true entertainers. All the gentlemen of MTV of today are so full of themselves. They are truly nothing but wannabes but pretend to be real bad asses. A reality check is certainly in order. These people need to be proud to be speaking Hindi first of all. It is our mother language for heaven's sake. Secondly all these various accents these people put on when talking in english or hosting a show have to be gotten rid off. Thirdly these people need to realize that like most other employed people it is at the end of the day a job for them. so why not enjoy doing it. why pretend to be this cool person who is doing this cool job. why not just be yourself and enjoy what is to be done. Finally MTV India needs to do a reality check. they need to strengthen their selection process for selecting people for show hosts. After all these people are the face of Mtv for the nation. More people like Cyrus and Nikhil should be hired. Also a few people like Raghu wouldn't hurt either. i have the utmost respect for the man. he is so true to himself. super confident fella. a bit out there though but a kick is what MTV India needs right now.

    Anyways this my opinion. Everybody has the right to express themselves, right?

    Keep rockin the nation Mtv.