Episode 8 - 28 February Story Summary

Friend o' mine: "Its 7pm - Roadies laga bey!"

Me: "Abbey, abhi time nai hua. Abhi laga diya toh woh Splitsvilla waale bewkuf dikhenge"

*sniff sniff*

That'll be the last time I'll get to have that on conversation on a Saturday night. Goodbye, Saturday 7pm! You will be missed... wait.. Splitsvilla w/ Nikhil!? w00t? kap00t? I'll hold my judgment on that for a later time.

So we begin with the last Saturday night edition of Roadies as the Roadies head to Silvassa - the last destination of the India leg. Now, this happened some 2 hours ago and I have faint memories of what the fallout of Roop's voteout was.. I do remember the r-word being used somewhere to refer to the girls and Natasha sobbing. Myeh!

The Wrestling Task

That night the Roadies head out to an akhaada in a village nearby. Enter Raghu - no gangs, money's mine, laddo marro - immunity jeeto, goodbye!

It was the most physical task yet this year and Samrat's win was pretty much written. The guy was both strong and clever and eliminated all of his competition to win immunity


Things got ugly (or beautiful, if you are a perv) on the girl's match and I don't mean Paulami who got scratched, ran her ass out of the ring and then sobbed at the sight of such gory violence!! Then came the shirt pulling and the (indecent) exposure. Tamanna willed it out with both Suzanna and Natasha against her but the 'small petite one wins inspite of the handicap' is something you'd get to see only in WWE. Natasha eventually won after Suzanna's almost walked out.

One fair fight, an ugly catfight - two were immune. One of them between the two was gonna walk away with 2 lakhs jus' like that. Yeah, all they had to do was a hit a target 10 feet away. Piece of cake nai?

The Archery Task

The next morning the Roadies were greeted at the task site by Rannvijay and Raghu (in all his pink-shirted manliness). The task wasn't elaborate hit a target, score point, win cash. Then, something happened.

It was sorta like an 'Invasion of Body Snatchers' as the collective aatmas of the Roadies from last year entered the bodies of the Roadies this year. Not once did anyone hit the target in 13 attempts and RV hit in one.

This got bubblegum-baldie furious, obviously and the Roadies got stripped of their dignity further by Strawberry Shortcake. You know all throughout Baby Spice's furious discharge of verbal diarrohea all I could think was - "Smile Pinky , you selected these morons - like you do always"

PS: Did anyone else notice the small little pop-up at the bottom right of the screen while the task was on sayin - "Suzanna blogs about the rest of the Roadies". Ahem Ahem! Spoiler?

The Voteout

Lil' cheat code here - All names that are shown being taken by the Roadies while planning vote-out are safe. Such has been, always.

I thought at first Samrat was playing the negotiation game waiting for the stakes to be upped to the max before giving up immunity. Natasha was in danger but I thought it was stupid of Samrat to not take the 2 lakhs.

Suzanna got voted out (*sob*) and the Tickr gave me a new emoticon to overuse on forums o-<-< (especially useful when things get boring - no more *yawn*)

NEXT WEEK: Austraaaalia, mayte! Here's my favourite Australia related clip, to close.

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