Episode 7 - 21 February Story Summary

Immunity Task

Day is not good if it starts with the welcome of two jodi Raghu and Rajeev and suddenly twist came that each team has to pick 1 member from there team and make him/her to get into the coffin to rest his/her case for the hell down under journey, as we all know what can be expected from the Om Blue Devarshi who is famous for his Pink chaddi and now will also known as the Chut has decided that he will be going to coffin to end his journey but he was thinking something else in that case, and Raghu and Rajeev pissed off from him that they have eliminated at the moment and even no Taxi for him, now to go out by walking only, haha atleast now he can loose his weight, so Devarshi is OUT.

Brats team was not sure for picking the member but once the thing started on Bobby, all were pressuring her to get into the Coffin and end her journey because she is not fit and she listens to them finally but Twist the main factor of the show and Bobby got immunity by Raghu and even the power to immune 2 more members from her team from the vote -out.


Gossip Time

Oh I miss Palak aka Gossip queen for this section but still some gossip were between the roadies that Suzanna will be vote out this time.

Vote - Out

None expected what will happen in this vote - out as Roop is out of the show just because of Natasha as the reason given and we had watched all the cat fights between tha Brats team, and Roop finals word for the show Never trust the innocent looking girl.

Actually we will miss you Roop in the show :)

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