Episode 7 - 21 February Drama

Different story, this week. All mind games. No task as such.

Things picked off from where we left it last week with the bald twins perched on coffins. The task as such was distinctively different from any other task on Roadies so far and reeked of the twins playing 'agents of chaos'. How many of you caught the TDK reference? Somehow, I felt that no matter what the two groups would have done the task would have ended with both teams being bashed left, right and center by the twins. I mean cmon! Thats why we tuned in this week, right! To hear a long and frusto monologue peppered with beeps galore.

At this point, let me take a minute to touch upon the phenomenon that is Devarshi Patel.

"BRAAATSSS WILLLLL WINNNNN!!!!!" "Nahi, they will lose" "Accha aisa hai?"



What a dumb f**k! I've been holding it back for weeks now because I thought somewhere this guy would be the underdog and go far in the show, at which point, I'd have to eat my words... but GOD! What a dumbfuck!! Volunteering to be off the show then effin dancing and lying around in the coffin before proclaiming that he'd actually "performed and won". DUMBFUCK! For once, I understood Raghu and Rajiv's frustrations and the heavily beeped bashing that followed. Sure, he provided the occasional comic relief BUT there is a difference between being oblivious and being a dumbfuck and being an oblivious dumbfuck. Devarshi Patel *bows* Now, f**k off, really!

On the other team, the rifts were quite visible. Bobby drew the short straw but got lucky getting the power of immunity (which she eventually wasted, nevertheless) I personally believe here that Sandeep and Pradeep are either the luckiest bitches in the world or the most conniving bitches in the world. Either way, they are bitches. First, they coerce Bobby into getting into the coffin, then they cry about it, then they act innocent on having their asses taken, then they get immunity for free quite really and then once again, after indirectly getting their friend voted out, they cry about it. And I'm fucking on this side of the screen. How the fuck did no one on that side of it notice this yet!

Means nothing now, but if the two of them stay longer, its pretty much bye-bye for everyone else.

At the voteout, the unexpected happens yet again. Roop gets 6 votes. So that's 4 Om Blues + Natasha + *ding ding ding* Sandeep. What a skirt chasing asshole!

And yet, AND YET.. they turn on Natasha. Props for Kiri here who quite rightly pointed out the cowardice of the Pradeep/Sandeep duo. He doesnt speak often but when he does he speaks the genuine truth. He was the one who spoke of Roop being the mastermind too, remember.

Now, all neutrality aside. This week's episode left me depressed with Roop going out. I for one know of her resolve, dedication and "Roadie spirit" first hand since RBG days and I am SO PROUD of her for making it this far. We all are. Your journey on Roadies might have ended but believe me girl, you have places to go! Rock on!

PS: Debbie scares me now = I like her more :)

To Hell and Back

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  1. Dude you have it all wrong.

    Roop gets 6 votes. So that's 4 Om Blues + Natasha + Suzanne. Sandeep,Roop, Bobby and Pradeep vote against Suzanne so that the 4 votes for her.

    Sandeep never voted against Roop. They all turned on Natasha because everyone (bobby,roop) were trying to get votes against suzanne (because of sandeep's desire to keep natasha) and natasha, without having the slightest regard for their efforts, voted against roop instead of natasha (if she had voted against suzanne it would have been a tie 5-5)

    So she is really the turncoat. Sandeep is a skirt chasing asshole and Pradeep the bully, but they havent yet started betraying their friends.