Devarshi Busted & Roop Voted Out

In MTV Roadies 6 Episode 7 there was real drama & so called TWIST from Raghu and Rajiv. In Immunity Task Dev took a WRONG and FOOLISH decision and for that decision, HE WAS NOW OUT FROM ROADIES.

And in vote out again we saw twist, instead of Natasha or Suzanna, Roop was VOTED OUT. All planing and plotting was lost in somewhere.

At last, Devarshi and Roop now out from Roadies.

And guys, Episode 8 28th February will be last episode in India, afterwards they all fly to Australia.
So wait for next episode.
Its Hell Down Under.


  1. acha hua madarchod devarshi nikal gaya bahut aand khata tha laure ka baal.
    roop ko nahi nikalna tha mast maal thi saali

  2. This Msg if Ragu or Rajeev Can Read ; Kindly Take this Seriously that their are People in Your Crew or Someone from Honda Group or Nokia Group or Untrustworthy Roadies who are Leaking out the Secret of Your Show .

    Wikipedia Webpages are always known for Correct Information and comeother Blogs i have read in which People are saying about Winners Name ; I dont want to Mention it here but if Something Like this is Happening then you should have a Serious Check on .

    SOmeone saying that from Australia their Relative told , Some are sayin tht they are Relatives of Roadies or relatives of Cameraman/ honda group / Nokia Group . Kindly Check as they all will make us Loose our Interest in Watching .

  3. miss u roop,,dev u ffffffffffffffffff

  4. Roop was a real babe. Hot... Miss her