9 Voted Out, In 5 Episodes - Journey So Far...

Roadies One By One
Voted Out Roadies

1. Vicky: Got his chance this time around and looked quite determined to prove himself in Elimination task he participated in. But on his downfall he only proved out to be "Kamjor kadi" And their Team lost.

Weakness: Too much anxious and Not Focused.
Strenth: Had brains to figure out how to go abt task and Could have gone long way in Journey.

2. Neha Kapoor: Most Missed Roadie this season.He had it to go ahead but just her bad luck to be on a team that missed out coz of 2 Parathas.
Dint get much of a Chance to prove herself but looked good in Small stay of hers.

Weakness: Overconfident of sorts by the way she spoke.
Strength: Looked delicate but had the guts n determination to go through The Drill n stuff those Parathas (Strong Willed)

3. Bhanu Pratap: He was youngest of the lot and another unlucky one. But I dont think he would have gone far. But the Task he performed he was Quite Focused and did gulp down quite a few parathas.

Weakness: Lacked maturity n dependent behavior (He was Not Akela Atleast on the Journey what he claimed in Audies)
Strength: Young and exuberant nature .. looked quite willing to do physical tasks.

4. Ankur: Similar to Bhanu he also did well in green team but just luck dint favor his effort. He would given tough fight for few "Surviving Roadies" for sure.

Weakness: Conventional and NO Gossip guy (wud've gone against him)
Strength: Clear about How to Go about something and looked Smart in small Stay.


5. Sonia Chouhan: Well I seriously wanted to see her in the Show. Peoples fav may be. Looked decent in task, nothing exceptional but even with physically daunting task looked composed when Had to leave On Day#1.

Weakness: From Audies- Was Rigid n would have had loads of fights ahead in show if survived.
Strength: Outspoken and Physically capable of performing tasks.Jyada Najar me nahi aati agar game me hoti.

6. Sufi Malhotra: Well well.. heartthrob of Hundred/Thousands of female viewers. He was One guy who would have made other roadies insecure. May be that worked against him.
Great effort in Paratha task but he was overpowering others.

Weakness: No Co-Ordination with Team. Over Confidence
Strength: Physically strong and Strong willed.

7. Varisha Hawelia:
Dung Task: Well the Entire team lacked Co-Ordination and She was not willing to bend down on Palak's aggression. She did Decent job
Ball Busting task: Well again bad performance. Nothing to show.

Vote Out: Went Out Coz of number of twist and turns. Paulomi would have left that day but she survived.

Weakness: Irritating , Over Confident and fragile.
Strength: Was Friends with lot roadies & cud have worked for her.

8. Palak: She was pain in the A** or what ever part you can Imagine.Over aggressive. Loads of Gossip that worked against her.

Dung Task: She was main reason for NO Co-Ordination.
Ball Busting task: Pathetic to start, Last para reading was best.
But couldn't help her team win.
Rajastani Dance: Performed well. Scored brownie points by Half slacks.

Weakness: Short tempered. Over Dominating. Too much into Gossips.
NO TEAM Spirit. Physically attacked a fellow roadie.
Strength: Was Capable of doing tasks n Strong Contender.
Vote Out: Palak may not have been the biggest threat, but she made herself a soft target by behaving violently, giving the roadies a reason to vote her out.

9. Nauman: The Good Guy shown on the show. He was prefect cast for the boy next door. He performed well in few of the Tasks he had to perform, Specially Ball bursting. Somehow dint have brains to workout survival v/s Friendship(With Tamanna)

Dung Task: Did pretty well working with Devarshi who was Weak link in Blues.
Ball Busting Task: Took more than 3 shots and Stayed in the Task. Dint give up. THUMPS UP for Effort.
Rajastani Dance: Performed well. As Samrat had gone nuts n he tried bringing some sanity
Holding On: Good job done and Earned first 50k with help from Other Boys in team.


Weakness: his friendship with Tamanna. Dint mix up with other fellow roadies which caused un-necessary grudge on him and not needed LIMELIGHT !
Strength: Strong willed. Physically strong. Adaptive to Given tasks.

Vote Out: Only reason for his departure was Tamanna's friendship and Backstabbing from Devarshi.

Surviving Roadies
OM Blues :

10. Samrat: The Army Dude & was expected to do very well in RHDU. Has Done absolutely nothing expectational and Almost Screwed up Rajstani Dance with pagal ghodi of his.
Dung task n Ball Busting were average performances.Holding On he n Om blues guys did pretty well.

Weakness: Not A team man.His Team looks upon him n he disappoints every time.
Strength: Playing a safe game of not coming into notice & although a OM blue but more Friends with Brats and their Loyal.

11. Tamanna: Again the Girl-interrupted kind. Has been a Soft target from start to play with. Has Cried more on show than anyone in any season.
"Ye terrace se kya lagav hai? " hamesha Upar kyu bhagati ho ?

Has the capability but very low profile on tasks.. aur weird accent which I still trying to figure out. Rope task was her gateway to success. Excellent performance as Underdog as she was paired with Dev. Rajstani Dance n Dung task were average starters and She totally Sucked in Hindi+Ball Busting Task

Wealness: Crybaby, Sabse pange !
Strength: Fighting Spirit for sure. Nauman was added strength so Need to see her Performance ahead.

12.Devarshi: Good for nothing fellow. Needed medical help in Dung task
Too much into himself. Sees no one capable enough. He needs some "kickass" Treatment from raghu/rajeev soon. Rajastani dance And Ball Busting task were good enough as compared to his team mates. Holding on was an achievement for him. Rope task was mainly Tamanna's Good effort.

Weakness: Weight(into head) , Over Confidence and irritating.
Strength: Underdog (nothing more i can think)

13. Poulomi: Till Matka balancing task she was dumbo. But That one task changed perceptions about her. All other tasks she did absolutely nothing.
One task and Respects all around.

Weakness: Fragile,casual.
Strength: Strong willed, will go unnoticed.
And now looks to go long way ahead.

14. Kiri: Well he is one hell of a performer. His transfer was biggest loss to Brats.He has will to work hard n prove himself. Can stand for himself and has shown that when he was bullied by Sandeep n Pradeep.
Rajstani dance n dung task were his average,hard working performances. Ball Busting task he stood and dint give up. Holding on was difficult for him but struggled hard to earn first 50k for OM BLUES.

Weakness: Very Conventional, Takes long time to figure out situation.
Strength: Would Work Extra hard to prove his worth. And has ability to back the will. Team man totally.


15. Sandeep: He is guy who can take Shambhavi/Anmol's place in Gossip. Shakuni Mama of RHDU. Has done nothing so far apart from Ball Busting task.
Performed OK in Rajastani Dance Being a guy should have done Holding On task which might have resulted in Brats favor.
Over all attitude is not appreciated by viewers so far.

Weakness: Bithy, Cant step up when required. Too much into politics.
Strength: Can play mind games n Very manipulative.

16. Pradeep: Sandeep's partner in crime(in gossip). Has shown what he can do. Dung task was exceptionally good. Ball busting n Rajastani Dance was good enough to win them Money task. Holding onhe drank 2 more glasses of water and still dint give up.

Weakness: Short Tempered. Can be over confident.
Strength: Metal Toughness and will to perform.

17. Roop: Loads of expectations from us as we have seen her capabilities in Roadies Battleground, due to her strategy or dont know what she has disappointed at a level.
She can be the Mastermind behind Voteouts.
Dung task n Rajstani Dance She performed very well. Ball Busting pathetic hindi. Holding on was the biggest blunder from her. Vomited n Penalty was too much to take.

Weakness: too much into limelight n came be overconfident.
Strength: Knows her limitations and we know what she is capable of.

18. Natasha: She has played the game very well. Performed when required.
No links ups. Not in limelight and being immune most of the time has saved her.
One roadie who will go far in Journey by hook or crook.
Be it Rajstani Dance, Hindi Para reading or Holding on She emerged best from Brats.
Dung task was also very performed so no Complaints from her so far.

Weakness: Can be Instinctive. No Weakness such Shown till now.
Strength: Excellent at task. Plays low profile. Confident enough.

19. Bobby: Well One roadie who all thought " accha karegi" But nothing to show so far.
Paratha Task was well done but since then its decline.
Rajstani dance She was weak dancer. Hindi She knew nothing.
Holding on She gave up first.
Matka balancing me toh Poulomi pwned her fair n square.
Overall its not a good show put up so far but loads of gossip n fights she has provided. High TRP for sure.

Weakness: low confidence in tasks, too much into limelight.
Strength: Part of Brats, not trustworthy, Can stand up for herself.

20. Suzanna: Well, She is the Charming lady many guys watch RHDU for. Ask Pranav n Chethan She has done decent job so far and has played her cards well. She has a strategy in mind of Not being in Limelight n Stick to ur Team.

Paratha task performed well to survive for journey.
Rajstani Dance - Best Entry she made to start the performance.
Hindi - "lamb dand gol pind dharpakad" usse hi aaya tha
Dung task me bhi full on effort tha.. tried till last second.

Weakness: Not Physically strong can buckle down to pressure.
Strength: Underplayed apart from tasks. Has clear strategy though about n Known her Fellow roadies well.

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