Nauman, Palak & Sufi Are Back

Nauman, Palak & Sufi Are Back... in the next episode.
Episode 9 on 8th March its going to be really interesting.
Yes man, they are coming straight from India to Australia, and this time they will what is a ROADIE to all of them, who backstabbed Nauman, Sufi and Palak in different-different conditions. They are back for revenge, they are back to win MTV ROADIES 6.0
So, wait and watch, MTV Roadies - Hell Down Under from 8th March, Sunday at 7:00PM

Episode 8 - 28 February Making Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Part 6 HQ Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Part 5 HQ Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Part 4 HQ Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Part 3 HQ Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Part 2 HQ Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Part 1 HQ Video

Episode 8 - 28 February Story Summary

Friend o' mine: "Its 7pm - Roadies laga bey!"

Me: "Abbey, abhi time nai hua. Abhi laga diya toh woh Splitsvilla waale bewkuf dikhenge"

*sniff sniff*

That'll be the last time I'll get to have that on conversation on a Saturday night. Goodbye, Saturday 7pm! You will be missed... wait.. Splitsvilla w/ Nikhil!? w00t? kap00t? I'll hold my judgment on that for a later time.

So we begin with the last Saturday night edition of Roadies as the Roadies head to Silvassa - the last destination of the India leg. Now, this happened some 2 hours ago and I have faint memories of what the fallout of Roop's voteout was.. I do remember the r-word being used somewhere to refer to the girls and Natasha sobbing. Myeh!

The Wrestling Task

That night the Roadies head out to an akhaada in a village nearby. Enter Raghu - no gangs, money's mine, laddo marro - immunity jeeto, goodbye!

It was the most physical task yet this year and Samrat's win was pretty much written. The guy was both strong and clever and eliminated all of his competition to win immunity


Things got ugly (or beautiful, if you are a perv) on the girl's match and I don't mean Paulami who got scratched, ran her ass out of the ring and then sobbed at the sight of such gory violence!! Then came the shirt pulling and the (indecent) exposure. Tamanna willed it out with both Suzanna and Natasha against her but the 'small petite one wins inspite of the handicap' is something you'd get to see only in WWE. Natasha eventually won after Suzanna's almost walked out.

One fair fight, an ugly catfight - two were immune. One of them between the two was gonna walk away with 2 lakhs jus' like that. Yeah, all they had to do was a hit a target 10 feet away. Piece of cake nai?

The Archery Task

The next morning the Roadies were greeted at the task site by Rannvijay and Raghu (in all his pink-shirted manliness). The task wasn't elaborate hit a target, score point, win cash. Then, something happened.

It was sorta like an 'Invasion of Body Snatchers' as the collective aatmas of the Roadies from last year entered the bodies of the Roadies this year. Not once did anyone hit the target in 13 attempts and RV hit in one.

This got bubblegum-baldie furious, obviously and the Roadies got stripped of their dignity further by Strawberry Shortcake. You know all throughout Baby Spice's furious discharge of verbal diarrohea all I could think was - "Smile Pinky , you selected these morons - like you do always"

PS: Did anyone else notice the small little pop-up at the bottom right of the screen while the task was on sayin - "Suzanna blogs about the rest of the Roadies". Ahem Ahem! Spoiler?

The Voteout

Lil' cheat code here - All names that are shown being taken by the Roadies while planning vote-out are safe. Such has been, always.

I thought at first Samrat was playing the negotiation game waiting for the stakes to be upped to the max before giving up immunity. Natasha was in danger but I thought it was stupid of Samrat to not take the 2 lakhs.

Suzanna got voted out (*sob*) and the Tickr gave me a new emoticon to overuse on forums o-<-< (especially useful when things get boring - no more *yawn*)

NEXT WEEK: Austraaaalia, mayte! Here's my favourite Australia related clip, to close.

Episode 8 - 28 February Hindi Samiksha

haanji toh aaj twade kol leke aayein hain aaj da roadies Real review (Sponsored by Real fruit juice don take real seriously).....haanji toh aaj tan punjabiyan da din siga.........jahan dekho punjabi hi discussion te punjabi galla.........task performance wich v punjabiyan di balle balle......... first samrat n natasha jitte te next task vich ranvijay ne kya perfom kitta bhai bass maje aa gaye..................... aur main v lassi de naal fultoo maje liye episode de..........toh aayiye chalu karte hain apni bakwaas........n jinse offend hona haiga bhai pehle hi nikal jaao yahan se.................

Haan ji the episode started with a recap like every ekta kapoor serial(plz now don sue them)...........then they started their journey for silvassa.....a wonderful bhai kaamaal ki baat to yeh hai tht natasha was sittin behind sandeep......... and the whole suspense creating songs they played during their journey.....matlab terminator or star wars or 300 aur bas poocho mat aisa music chalaya ki suspense ki ma behen ek hoke hansi aa rahi thi...... so when they reached there and all tired n poloumi ka toh poora make up utar gaya tha.......... n m still wondering what was more dirty............the dirt tht touchd her face or her face tht touched the dirt............


and for the task which was an immunity one they reached into a village full of villagers........ and there they saw a mindblowing dance performed by the the task started which was an Indian version of Royal Rumble which was selected so tht they can lure THE GREAT KHALI as their next judge coz Rajeev ko desi ghee bahut mehenga pad raha hai shine ke liye (Courtesy:- Priya).............

so the task started with guyz and they fought pretty well............n Samrat ne sabki band baja di and proved the meaning of his name .....and pradeep was left clueless coz even i am clueless.........

So tht was girls entered into the AKHADA.......and their fight started with poloumi giving a walkover coz she thot "Agar Main Kisi Pe gir Padi Toh BecharI Ladki Ki Toh Haddiyan Hi Toot Jaayengi And Sab Mujhko Hi Jimmedar Tehrayenge"(i knw its not funny but try speaking it in poloumi's accent) after tht the real fight started....................... they were just trying to Fadofy and uttarofy each others clothes and coz of it today's Roadies episode is watched by more number of guyz in Bihar than the no of guyz watched Krk's Deshdrohi......... and surprisingly tht fight ended with Natasha being a winner.........

Now came the real thing is decided tht whoever will be the winner will fight in a task which will be held next morning in some gaon and the winner will get 2 lakhs (the total money earned by roadies as the teams r no more now) but will loose their immunity

So next day they got up brushed their teeth wiith colgate(another of my sponsor) read overdrive magazine and nikal pade apni karizma pe gaon ki oor were they have their next task..........tht is archery they have to shoot a moving round plank from 5 metre away which being hypermetropic neither they nor anyone else was able to shoot the target..........

but ranvijay did it and tht to hit the part with +10 points ?? everyone was surprised how can he do tht??

well simple logic ranvijay is away rom his gf frm past so many days so aapke andar ki bhavnayein toh jaagti hi raghu told him mar tujhe koi milega but he added the condition black pe laga toh main aur white pe toh poloumi............... ranvijay chose wht is best for him..........

and after this task samrat and natasha were still immune.................

and then they came back to their resort did planning n all played games n then came the vote out where samrat n natasha proved themselves to be a real roadies by shwoing they r literate n studied about "LALACH BURI BALA HAI" story and rejected 2 lakhs for their immunity

And suzanna went out(to sad to make it detailed)

i love u suzanna

Suzanna Left The Show With A Smile

I am extremely disappointed with her vote out. I think she left the show like a true sport. She must be grudges in her heart but acted sensibly. He final words regarding her journey and inner-self speaks volume about her attitude, her vote out has been most graceful so far.

Suzanna Voted Out..

MTV Hero Honda Roadies - Hell Down Under

Episode 8 - 28th February


Decency Or Har roadie Akela Hai

These are the 2 statements that always work for Roadies people. These are complimentary actually.

Take for example the coffin task done by brats.

Raghu said to the rest of the brats that they dint had any decency when they were forcing bobby in the coffin. Well, what about his punch line "har roadie akela hai". Ab kisi ko to coffin mein daalna hi hai na, task hi aisa diya hai. Roadies ab decency dekhen yaa task perform karein.

And imagine if Brats had shown that decency and either of them had entered the coffin bcoz of decency, then again Raghu and Rajiv would have fucked them as they did to dev. They would have said "tu jeetne aaya hai yaa team banane".

So, bottom line is roadies are born 2 be insulted by Raghu-Rajiv and nothing else.