MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Story Summary

MTV Roadies Hell Down Under Episode 3 Review
Guess who's back?Duh, not me, it's Shambhavi, but in a tiny-er version as Tamanna.And this season's Nihal and Varun, Nauman and Sandeep. But this time, have to agree, a few 'sensible' guys on the show(No I'm NOT referring to Nauman).Anyways, the episode starts off with a rumor(NOT really,) Tamanna-Nauman ki Pappi! Gossip all around, and Tamanna in an effort to 'save' her reputation tries to fake a suicide attempt, thanks to the oh-so-humble-and-good Nauman and Kiri.Arguments all around, let me quote Tamanna, "skh kadi aakdkad kajidoad ojoadpod lmodappa dkpdipia". Yes, that was exactly what she said. Back into the room, Palak tries to swallow Tamanna, while Pradeep and Sandeep were acting like robots, or wait, were they dancing?Not to forget, Paulami was having a dip in her Make Up Kit.

Money Task, yay! Rajasthani folk dance, who didn't know that it was Devarshi's forte! Or wait, was the folk dance 'originated' by him? Atleast seemed so. Om Blues had a good chance of winning this task, but Tamanna let them down.OMG, she looked horrible! Even Palak's skin show didn't lure the judges, nor did Samrat's 'Jai Mata Di Dance'/Making love with a horse scene! Where as on the other side Brats had a good time, with a little bit of 'Paenchos' and 'Maachos'! BTW, can you ask Natasha to apply just a little bit of Fair and Lovely at a time and not the entire tube at once? :| Guess that did it for the judges and soon the Brats went richer by Rs. 30,000.

P.S. Suzzane is hot, and I still miss Sonia. 8->

Then the oh-so-high-intensity tiff between Pradeep and Devarshi.Atleast the background score did make it sound s-e-r-i-o-u-s! :| Not to forget, Sandeep is another form of Kerosene(Thanks to you, Ragha!) NO vote outs this time, but a sorta threat to the teams, as they were asked to name two members whom they'll like to kick outta their team. Does that ring a bell?

I still find behind the scenes way better than Roadies, thanks to Debbie! -

P.S. Don't forget to watch, 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button', c-r-a-z-y, yet so beautiful!

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