MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Summary

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Episode Summary

Back, now BANG! Showcasing last week's clips surely pulled down the TRP, cause it 'reminded' the girls, that Sufi is already out, as if they'll 'ever' forget it!

The scroll comes in and its indeed a 'very' good morning for the Roadies, thanks to Nokia!Each one of them get a brand new Nokia-N96, WOOZEEFUUCKK! BTW, you girl can 'now' call Kiri, and not be scared of the 'rubber bands'! Soon the Roadies get divided into two teams, 'off course', red and blue.Wonder why not 'magenta' and 'turquoise'. And to add to this, Nihal comes in to give 'tips' and flag off the journey!WHAT could be more hilarious than that! And for those who're wondering that why didn't Ashu turn up for this, its cause he was busy shooting Deshdrohi-2!

And then the First Money Task!Each of the two teams had to collect, dung, be is cow's, camel's or even human, :P The first team to go in was Samrat's Om Blues, who seemed quite happy with their performance.NO doubt they 'did' perform well, but ALAS! Pradeep's brats 'pwned' them big time, and there seemed to be no competition at all, between the two teams.And while all this was on, Devarishi, was enjoying the doctor's company. Surprise, he's STILL in the show!

'Masala Time', the frustration and anger of being out-tasked, there seemed to be friction among the Om Blues members, and to add to the fury, the 'brats' cut out the oil that make sense? Anyways, that simply means, Bobby's chooling, made Tamanna and Palak, go hard at each other. BTW, the 'hot and macho' Nauman, was busy flirting with Palak, DUDE!

The best part of the show, The Immunity
, as most of you already know, the 'ball whacking task'!Was initally a bit disappointed since the girl-boy thing was repeated, but then the 'task' was simply,OUCH! Got to salute Devarshi and Nauman, for that. Its 'painlful', incase you didn't know that.

So once again the 'brats' out tasked 'Om Blues' with their, 'better' control over the Hindi language.BTW, did 'you' know that a 'train' is called, 'Laupadgamini' in Hindi? That gave the 'brats' the power of immunity, but the 'twist', they didn't have the power to vote out. Om Blues had to vote out one of their team members, and then some another 'twist'. Blah, zayda 'twist' mat daalo yaar! Anyways, after all that 'twists and turns' Varisha get voted out!

Wait! This was 'not' the end.Next week you see the Roadies having a 'chappal' feast and a high voltage fight between Tamanna-Palak-Bobby-Everybody!

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