MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 1 - 10th January - Article

Finally, the episode Satan himself would have been proud to script.

Roadies:Hell Down Under is finally upon us. The skies have darkened, the battle lines have been drawn and the warriors have been given a short spell of post apocalyptic trauma. Women and children cry for mercy as the ones who remain sane try to figure out the inferno that unfolded before their screens.

The journey is yet to start, but one can already feel the speed breakers along the way.

Episode in Review:
The roadies all gathered around Manesar where they received their usual "tika" welcome . After some chit chat, they walked into their rooms, there were some oohs and aahs at the branded gifts lying for them and then they were quickly told to shift into party mode to mark the initial celebrations. Out came the make up boxes, and the memorable quotes.

Naumen: I could sense it, the girls were defininitely looking at me

Paulami : I was looking like Bipasha in that dress, all were telling me that.

Huhuhuhu...ROTFL..LMAO....moving on

The party was a pleasent affair on the whole. Devarshi brought out the Mimoh dance steps while Gurmeet turned on some body heat between Naumen and Sufi.

I really didnt need to see that :

After the party was over, the Roadies got a scroll asking them to meet Ranvijay at the back. 49 seconds later we were treated to a set we are all to familiar with.

Night sky, dazzling bikes, a helmet marking the occasion. Voteouts!

And from that very moment, the equations got all screwed up.

Raghu walked in as the messanger of pure evil as he set about on his sadistic ways qucikly dividing the roadies into two groups of 10 each based on their deserving status. One group was declared safe, which was controversial to say the least-Roop and Samrat surely deserved it but the same cannot be said for characters like Devarshi and Paulami.

Vicky and Neha Kapoor on the unsafe group?Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

The Roadies are told only the chosen few will survive, and a task will decide their fate.

Raghu Analogy:-

1. Split up of groups would create friction. So those who survive the challenge would hate the ones who were safe from the beginning. Good for future controversies.

2. A mix of characters required to have a smooth journey. Paulami and Devarshi are entertainment assets- so a let off on the first task isnt a bad idea.

Early next morning, the Roadies arrived for the task. Akshay Kumar smirked at them through a big screen previewing them about the task at hand. Ranvijay filled them in on the details.

The 10 unfortunate souls were to be spilt into two groups of five each-The Yellow and Green team. Each team had to cross an obstacle course to reach some Chandni Chowk paratha gali wala parathas. The team to win most parathas wins. Oh yes, no hands.. :P

And they had to do it with their arms and legs tied to each other.

The team that loses immediately goes home. Holy Shit- 5 gone already!!

Yellow team went first, hopping their way onto the course. And then the fall. And then more hops.

The climbing part was done quite well, but the real goof ups started during the descent.

Sufi seemed to be in too much of a hurry and tried to go down fast. The result, a frightning fall all the way down with bodies rolling down over each other like nine pins.

Thankfully, in true roadie spirit they rose up and were back to crawling in the mud finally reaching the parathas.

They gobbled up as many as they could before their time went out.

The Green Team seemed to have learnt quite a few lessons as they marched on well and climbed the net in perfect co ordination. While preparing to come down slowly, Vicky took a sudden spill and CRAASH!!-deja vu all over again.

Like their predecessaors, they rose up and crawled under the wires. The paratha stuffing process started in full swing as the dirt made for a really bad appetizer.

Ranvijay called time out with Vicky and Bhanu caught midway in french kissing a paratha.

The result came down to a close 19-21 with the Yellow team making the cut by eating 21 parathas.

Vicky, Bhanu , Sonia, Ankur and Neha are out. Vicky deserved a lot more. Neha gone ....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: ((

A new twist follows- one would exit from the Yellow team as well. ONE MORE?? O_O

Fights And Frights(Pre Voteout Conspiracies):
It was time for some fun and games! A harmless truth and dare turned into snarls as Gurmeet displayed her intellect of a matchstick by turning against Roop over a simple answer. Roop kept her calm and handled the situation brilliantly as Gurmeet was suddenly the most hated person on the show.

Bobby wanted to show Gurmeet a thing or two while we saw Suzzane carefully trying to be with Gurmeet to avoid being voted out. Plotting on in full swing!

Naumen seemed to be in big trouble with all pre vote out talks related to voting him out.

Those who thought Naumen was a goner came in for quite a rude shock as a firece rage of votes flew against Sufi and Bobby.

Finally, the last vote formed the deciding factor as apna muscleman left the show. Sufi Malhotra-eliminated.

Bobby and Gurmeet congtinued their tensions accusing each other. Tamanna seemed to be fuelling the fights. The trio would make for some interesting moments in the future.

Pledge Of The Week: Bobby threatening to show all those around her. Go girl!

The episode closed among mixed reactions in my mind.

The Good: Roop survives. And still looks like a million bucks. Wohoooo!!

The Bad: Six gone already, Vicky and Neha exit are major shockers.

The Ugly: Bruises all over and some really bad speed breakers early on in the journey.

Coming Week: The bikes hit the road. And Roadies have to really take a blow "down under".

Roadies:Behind The Scenes:
The popular addition made Roadies all the more fun last year. The crew are back again with our favourites Nature Baba, Chotu and Debbie being the centre of focus. The episode raised quite a few laughs with Bumpy's somersault, the crew dancing over an early vote out and Raghu promising Bumpy some hard core action.
The segment ended on a sad note, as we learnt Raghu will no longer be a part of this journey. His presence out there added the soul to the show. Needless to say, we will miss him more than ever. :(

P.S. : On a closing note, I heard a female contrestant mention the show as Roadies 6.0 and not Roadies:Hell Down Under. We under the community would have got a warning. Is Webbie listening? :D

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  1. Roadies 6.0 has a good start in first episode dey have shown that each ane has to perform and nothing is obvious in show ,but only one thing was still disappointing abt vote out again plotting was der for strong candidate like sufi malhotra
    bcoz he performed good in task but der has to be some kind of filteration so that the candidate has good in task should not voted out due to strategy so still d same result like roadie 5 d undeserving will get d crown
    i hope we will see less politics and more roadies effort to win crown-----------