MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Details

13 Roadies left and at night after Previous vote out, Tamanan was little upset with Palak so she wants that Dude Nauman should sleep with girls only, but as always Palak ji said NO for that thing and the silent night goes with some naughty things . In morning, suddenly their was a rumour that Tamanna and Nauman kissed each other and its by Gossip Queen Palak and on their way for Pushkar to Udaipur 280 km. Hrs. journey, Tamanna did not seated with Nauman but when they reached Udaipur she got to realised that some bitching is going on her back, so finally she decided to shut the things and asked Roop about all the rumour, so they told that Nauman told Samrat that he kissed you late night and Tamanna to was like she ran to terrace to jump from their ( Is it a Roadie Spirit?) but Nauman and Kiri ran to save her life and she said them that now her image and reputation is ruined because of Nauman ( yeh tune kya kiya ). So now they are back in the room with Palak trying to settle the things with Nauman as Pradeep and Sandeep were enjoying it and they were dancing actually(how did they know that the next task is of dancing only ), at last Tamanna was sitting with Nauman to close the matter but the Gossip Queen was around and she was ova their till Tamanna given her frecious look to her and after that Besharam, teri BEEP BEEP BEEP, now when suddenly the things have heaten up then the Gossip Queen was like Kaali “tune aisa kaisa bola saali, jis thaali main khaati hai usi main ched karti hai aur aage se bola na BEEP BEEP BEEp to utha kar patak dugi. Did you noticed in between the Beauty Queen Paluami was busy in her makeup with all the live show on air for her. So in the end alls well that ends well, Tamanna said Sorry to Palak for the thing and after that she was buttering Palak only ( apni jaan pyaari hai na use )

Good morning by the knock on the Door and Scroll came in and read by Roop it says Roadies dress up and came over to terrace. All Roadies was standing in the dance ova terrace and suddenly two ladies came over and started the famous Rajasthani folk dance with 2 mens are joining them later. After they performed, Rannvijay came up and told Roadies that they have to performed this dance at night in front of the public and some useful tips too Facial expression matters, then he asked some of the roadies view on this, so Devarshi told he have Bindaas dance and he can perform well in the task( lets see ).

Now getting ready for the dance task but the problem for Brats was Pradeep and Kiri ( language problem). For Om Blues Devarshi was telling Nauman ‘how to dance’ (WTF Instructor ban gaya yeh to, haha ), in girls group Paloumi and Palak was trying while Tamanna was watching them then Palak asked her to join them but Tamanna was not at all comfortable ova their, not with Palak this time but with her dance steps and Palak wants to kick her badly. On the other hand, Brats boy have got the group already with Sandeep and Pradeep on 1 side and Kiri on another, so it matters at the time of their rehearsal with Sandeep shouting on Kiri and Sandeep and Pradeep laughing on him ( another Roadie Spirit ?). Devarshi told that their was 3 steps to be performed in all but he said about 4 in total, haha. Now we were talking about Brats team, surprised to see the conflict between Sandeep and Bobby(as she can’t perform well) and it goes again for BEEP BEEP then Bobby said she is none else and she is no Tamanna and Sandeep told her that he will said that many abusive words her family hadn’t listen it (Roadies Spirit ?) so Bobby was out for the practise but again she joined the rehearsal with girls (kahin to apne decision par tiko Roadies).

All back on their room and they found out the Folk Dance dress ova their for them to be used in the task and only 2 were excited about them : Paluami – Make up ki Dukaan and Devarshi – Akbar Raja ho gaye taiyaar ( It’s a Joke by Devarshi on himself )

Team is all set up for the Money Task and this time 1 team can won Rs. 30000/-. So toss held and Om Blues girls were going first for the task and Paluomi was looking grace but she forgot the steps in between and Palak helped her as her team mate( This is Roadie Spirit) but she wants to kick Tamanna for her bad steps and did somebody saw Palaks Shorts. Now Brats girls turn and now Shoes/chappal ON ( Maaro Roadies ko ) but they think they have performed well with Bobby forgot the steps and rest girls have managed well to get along with it.
3rd Break, can’t help Sponsors bhi to hai bhai and Enjoy Bingo with
Now the turn of Brats boys and Kiri with his neck movement really looking as a Chinese actor and there is a lack in their co-ordination so chappal/shoes all ON for again with audience and Crew too and suddenly Pradeep got nervous with it so he was not able to smile at all in the stage, yet they completed their performance. Now turns for Om Blues boy and Devarshi was sure enough that noone will throw a shoe on him as he can mix up with the audience well as he has a record on this(Dhakkan saala) and before going to stage Nauman feeling thirsty(Janam janam ka PYASA), now finally they were on stage but wait WHY is Devarshi standing OUT (Its his idea only) and Samrat bhai was love with his Ghodi only and Nauman and Samrat was getting secured from the Shoes and Chappal rather then doing the dance.

Then came the Great Devarshi and as he got on to the stage 1 Chappal welcomed him right on his face ( I was laughing hard with this one =)) ) and they don’t have any co-ordination between them as Samrat had gone out from the stage but Nauman and Devarshi was still in the stage WTF then he came back and finally they all go together and after the show, Devarshi told that What they were doing is their job and what audience is doing its their job again WTF but he was remembering Sufi all the time as he can see Sufi in Nauman’s face ( It’s the 1st time he showed that he is GAY, hahaha). Task was over and its time to reveal the Winner of today’s task and total score of Om Blues Girls was 28 and score of Brats girls was 35.

Now the score for Brats boy was 32 so total of Brats team was 67 and score for Om Blues was 35 and their total was 63, so Brats showed it once again and now they have total money Rs. 80000/- in their account , so its obvious they were feeling good after winning the task and Gossip Queen was feeling low because they loose task because of Tamanna.

Roadies all back to hotel and playing game Truth n Dare with all Dares was given on Devarshi bhaiya aka Joker par he showed his Abs in the show , now again 1 Dare on him with Bobby this time telling him that his ass is no working hawww gandi baat but Devarshi was confused that when did she touched it and how did she knew about it .

Then after the thing, Pradeep gets angry on Devarshi with the lighting up of all this things by the Sandeep ( He wants to beat Devarshi but using Pradeep?) but this was the 1st time when their was ladai although one sided but its between the boys and yes this time they want to say Why should Girls have all the fun, so lado bhai lado aur Punjabi ki saan dikhao ( no offense, Pradeep said so), but Devarshi still want to kiss Pradeep ( 2nd sign of being GAY) but pradeep was on fir and 1st time everyone have watched his this kind of roop ( Roop Bhinder nahi ), when Devarshi was chilling out Pradeep came in and kicked him ( not so hard ) par seriously Brats ne Om Blues ki faad rakhi hai till now

Morning and Scroll came in which tells that team players have to decide 2 players name whom they want out of the show par wait karo to know what happen next, Do watch this space next saturday 31st January Episode 4.

MTV Enjoy...

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Story Summary

MTV Roadies Hell Down Under Episode 3 Review
Guess who's back?Duh, not me, it's Shambhavi, but in a tiny-er version as Tamanna.And this season's Nihal and Varun, Nauman and Sandeep. But this time, have to agree, a few 'sensible' guys on the show(No I'm NOT referring to Nauman).Anyways, the episode starts off with a rumor(NOT really,) Tamanna-Nauman ki Pappi! Gossip all around, and Tamanna in an effort to 'save' her reputation tries to fake a suicide attempt, thanks to the oh-so-humble-and-good Nauman and Kiri.Arguments all around, let me quote Tamanna, "skh kadi aakdkad kajidoad ojoadpod lmodappa dkpdipia". Yes, that was exactly what she said. Back into the room, Palak tries to swallow Tamanna, while Pradeep and Sandeep were acting like robots, or wait, were they dancing?Not to forget, Paulami was having a dip in her Make Up Kit.

Money Task, yay! Rajasthani folk dance, who didn't know that it was Devarshi's forte! Or wait, was the folk dance 'originated' by him? Atleast seemed so. Om Blues had a good chance of winning this task, but Tamanna let them down.OMG, she looked horrible! Even Palak's skin show didn't lure the judges, nor did Samrat's 'Jai Mata Di Dance'/Making love with a horse scene! Where as on the other side Brats had a good time, with a little bit of 'Paenchos' and 'Maachos'! BTW, can you ask Natasha to apply just a little bit of Fair and Lovely at a time and not the entire tube at once? :| Guess that did it for the judges and soon the Brats went richer by Rs. 30,000.

P.S. Suzzane is hot, and I still miss Sonia. 8->

Then the oh-so-high-intensity tiff between Pradeep and Devarshi.Atleast the background score did make it sound s-e-r-i-o-u-s! :| Not to forget, Sandeep is another form of Kerosene(Thanks to you, Ragha!) NO vote outs this time, but a sorta threat to the teams, as they were asked to name two members whom they'll like to kick outta their team. Does that ring a bell?

I still find behind the scenes way better than Roadies, thanks to Debbie! -

P.S. Don't forget to watch, 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button', c-r-a-z-y, yet so beautiful!

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Making Video

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Part 5 Video

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Part 4 Video

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Part 3 Video

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Part 2 Video

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - 24 January Part 1 Video

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 3 - Udaipur Today 7 PM

Watch, MTV Roadies 6 - Hell Down Under Episode 3 Today @ 7 PM only on MTV India. And Tamanna and Gurmeet aka Palak cat fight and Palumi vs another roadie. Most of all important 2 DEADLY TASKS :-

1. Rope Task

2. Dance & Shoe Task

So, get ready for another thrilling episode for MTV Roadies 6

MTV Roadies 6 - Roadies Journey Map

MTV Roadies 6 - Natasha Sinha Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Natasha Sinha Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Sonia Chauhan Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Sonia Chauhan Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Bobby Chopra Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Bobby Chopra Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Gurmeet Palak Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Gurmeet Palak Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 - Roop Bhinder Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Pradeep Singh Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Sufi Malhotra Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Suzanna Mukherjee Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Tamanna Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Tamanna Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Neha Kapoor Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Neha Kapoor Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Sandeep Singh Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Sandeep Singh Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Nauman Sait Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Nauman Sait Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Ayushmann Khurana Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Ayushmann Khurana Orkut Profile Link

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Uncensored Video 3

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Uncensored Video 2

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Uncensored Video 1

MTV Roadies 6 - Uncensored Video - Naked Kiri Timung

MTV Roadies 6 - Uncensored Video - Paulami Make Up

MTV Roadies 6 New Theme Song Lyrics

The MTV Roadies Anthem with scenes from various seasons of the show.

Banda Wo Banda Bada Hai
Raahon Se Datke Lada Hai
Manzil Pe Jaake Khada Hai
Wo Hai Roadies
Isse to kuch Na bada hai
Lohe se Loha Kata hai
Ango Mein Panga Bada Hai
Wo Hai Roadies
Jo Rag Se Guzregi
Jannat Ki ye raahein
Khud Mein Kho Jaaegi
Yaaron Ki Wo Baahein
Fatke Hategi Yaaron
Raahon Pe Bichegi Yaaron
Dhoop se Ugaaegi
Chaao Tarsaaegi
Kambhaqt Jo Bigdegi
Ceene Mein Utregaa
Log Tujhko Kutrega
Hona Manaa Hai
Banda Wo Banda Bada Hai
Raahon Se Datke Lada Hai
Manzil Pe Jaake Khada Hai
Wo Hai Roadies
Isse to kuch Na bada hai
Lohe se Loha Kata hai
Ango Mein Panga Bada Hai
Hum Hai Roadies

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Pictures

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Pictures


MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Summary

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 2 - 17th January - Episode Summary

Back, now BANG! Showcasing last week's clips surely pulled down the TRP, cause it 'reminded' the girls, that Sufi is already out, as if they'll 'ever' forget it!

The scroll comes in and its indeed a 'very' good morning for the Roadies, thanks to Nokia!Each one of them get a brand new Nokia-N96, WOOZEEFUUCKK! BTW, you girl can 'now' call Kiri, and not be scared of the 'rubber bands'! Soon the Roadies get divided into two teams, 'off course', red and blue.Wonder why not 'magenta' and 'turquoise'. And to add to this, Nihal comes in to give 'tips' and flag off the journey!WHAT could be more hilarious than that! And for those who're wondering that why didn't Ashu turn up for this, its cause he was busy shooting Deshdrohi-2!

And then the First Money Task!Each of the two teams had to collect, dung, be is cow's, camel's or even human, :P The first team to go in was Samrat's Om Blues, who seemed quite happy with their performance.NO doubt they 'did' perform well, but ALAS! Pradeep's brats 'pwned' them big time, and there seemed to be no competition at all, between the two teams.And while all this was on, Devarishi, was enjoying the doctor's company. Surprise, he's STILL in the show!

'Masala Time', the frustration and anger of being out-tasked, there seemed to be friction among the Om Blues members, and to add to the fury, the 'brats' cut out the oil that make sense? Anyways, that simply means, Bobby's chooling, made Tamanna and Palak, go hard at each other. BTW, the 'hot and macho' Nauman, was busy flirting with Palak, DUDE!

The best part of the show, The Immunity
, as most of you already know, the 'ball whacking task'!Was initally a bit disappointed since the girl-boy thing was repeated, but then the 'task' was simply,OUCH! Got to salute Devarshi and Nauman, for that. Its 'painlful', incase you didn't know that.

So once again the 'brats' out tasked 'Om Blues' with their, 'better' control over the Hindi language.BTW, did 'you' know that a 'train' is called, 'Laupadgamini' in Hindi? That gave the 'brats' the power of immunity, but the 'twist', they didn't have the power to vote out. Om Blues had to vote out one of their team members, and then some another 'twist'. Blah, zayda 'twist' mat daalo yaar! Anyways, after all that 'twists and turns' Varisha get voted out!

Wait! This was 'not' the end.Next week you see the Roadies having a 'chappal' feast and a high voltage fight between Tamanna-Palak-Bobby-Everybody!

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MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 1 - 10th January - Exclusive Pictures

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 1 - 10th January - Exclusive Pictures

CLICK HERE To SEE Episode 1 - 10th January - Exclusive Pictures

MTV Roadies 6 - Episode 1 - 10th January - Article

Finally, the episode Satan himself would have been proud to script.

Roadies:Hell Down Under is finally upon us. The skies have darkened, the battle lines have been drawn and the warriors have been given a short spell of post apocalyptic trauma. Women and children cry for mercy as the ones who remain sane try to figure out the inferno that unfolded before their screens.

The journey is yet to start, but one can already feel the speed breakers along the way.

Episode in Review:
The roadies all gathered around Manesar where they received their usual "tika" welcome . After some chit chat, they walked into their rooms, there were some oohs and aahs at the branded gifts lying for them and then they were quickly told to shift into party mode to mark the initial celebrations. Out came the make up boxes, and the memorable quotes.

Naumen: I could sense it, the girls were defininitely looking at me

Paulami : I was looking like Bipasha in that dress, all were telling me that.

Huhuhuhu...ROTFL..LMAO....moving on

The party was a pleasent affair on the whole. Devarshi brought out the Mimoh dance steps while Gurmeet turned on some body heat between Naumen and Sufi.

I really didnt need to see that :

After the party was over, the Roadies got a scroll asking them to meet Ranvijay at the back. 49 seconds later we were treated to a set we are all to familiar with.

Night sky, dazzling bikes, a helmet marking the occasion. Voteouts!

And from that very moment, the equations got all screwed up.

Raghu walked in as the messanger of pure evil as he set about on his sadistic ways qucikly dividing the roadies into two groups of 10 each based on their deserving status. One group was declared safe, which was controversial to say the least-Roop and Samrat surely deserved it but the same cannot be said for characters like Devarshi and Paulami.

Vicky and Neha Kapoor on the unsafe group?Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

The Roadies are told only the chosen few will survive, and a task will decide their fate.

Raghu Analogy:-

1. Split up of groups would create friction. So those who survive the challenge would hate the ones who were safe from the beginning. Good for future controversies.

2. A mix of characters required to have a smooth journey. Paulami and Devarshi are entertainment assets- so a let off on the first task isnt a bad idea.

Early next morning, the Roadies arrived for the task. Akshay Kumar smirked at them through a big screen previewing them about the task at hand. Ranvijay filled them in on the details.

The 10 unfortunate souls were to be spilt into two groups of five each-The Yellow and Green team. Each team had to cross an obstacle course to reach some Chandni Chowk paratha gali wala parathas. The team to win most parathas wins. Oh yes, no hands.. :P

And they had to do it with their arms and legs tied to each other.

The team that loses immediately goes home. Holy Shit- 5 gone already!!

Yellow team went first, hopping their way onto the course. And then the fall. And then more hops.

The climbing part was done quite well, but the real goof ups started during the descent.

Sufi seemed to be in too much of a hurry and tried to go down fast. The result, a frightning fall all the way down with bodies rolling down over each other like nine pins.

Thankfully, in true roadie spirit they rose up and were back to crawling in the mud finally reaching the parathas.

They gobbled up as many as they could before their time went out.

The Green Team seemed to have learnt quite a few lessons as they marched on well and climbed the net in perfect co ordination. While preparing to come down slowly, Vicky took a sudden spill and CRAASH!!-deja vu all over again.

Like their predecessaors, they rose up and crawled under the wires. The paratha stuffing process started in full swing as the dirt made for a really bad appetizer.

Ranvijay called time out with Vicky and Bhanu caught midway in french kissing a paratha.

The result came down to a close 19-21 with the Yellow team making the cut by eating 21 parathas.

Vicky, Bhanu , Sonia, Ankur and Neha are out. Vicky deserved a lot more. Neha gone ....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: ((

A new twist follows- one would exit from the Yellow team as well. ONE MORE?? O_O

Fights And Frights(Pre Voteout Conspiracies):
It was time for some fun and games! A harmless truth and dare turned into snarls as Gurmeet displayed her intellect of a matchstick by turning against Roop over a simple answer. Roop kept her calm and handled the situation brilliantly as Gurmeet was suddenly the most hated person on the show.

Bobby wanted to show Gurmeet a thing or two while we saw Suzzane carefully trying to be with Gurmeet to avoid being voted out. Plotting on in full swing!

Naumen seemed to be in big trouble with all pre vote out talks related to voting him out.

Those who thought Naumen was a goner came in for quite a rude shock as a firece rage of votes flew against Sufi and Bobby.

Finally, the last vote formed the deciding factor as apna muscleman left the show. Sufi Malhotra-eliminated.

Bobby and Gurmeet congtinued their tensions accusing each other. Tamanna seemed to be fuelling the fights. The trio would make for some interesting moments in the future.

Pledge Of The Week: Bobby threatening to show all those around her. Go girl!

The episode closed among mixed reactions in my mind.

The Good: Roop survives. And still looks like a million bucks. Wohoooo!!

The Bad: Six gone already, Vicky and Neha exit are major shockers.

The Ugly: Bruises all over and some really bad speed breakers early on in the journey.

Coming Week: The bikes hit the road. And Roadies have to really take a blow "down under".

Roadies:Behind The Scenes:
The popular addition made Roadies all the more fun last year. The crew are back again with our favourites Nature Baba, Chotu and Debbie being the centre of focus. The episode raised quite a few laughs with Bumpy's somersault, the crew dancing over an early vote out and Raghu promising Bumpy some hard core action.
The segment ended on a sad note, as we learnt Raghu will no longer be a part of this journey. His presence out there added the soul to the show. Needless to say, we will miss him more than ever. :(

P.S. : On a closing note, I heard a female contrestant mention the show as Roadies 6.0 and not Roadies:Hell Down Under. We under the community would have got a warning. Is Webbie listening? :D